Surprises While Shopping

I got new WIC checks yesterday and decided I needed to stock up on Baby food for Tinian. I get 2 checks for 16 jars of baby food on each one. I also get baby cereal on the checks. I did the first transaction just fine and the second one I had a catalina that said “buy 10 Gerber baby food jars get $1 off your next order. I thought I had to give that catalina to the cashier to get the $1 off catalina to print, but he said he couldn’t take it on a WIC transaction so I didn’t fuss about it. I understood that WIC is different.

Anyway, after that transaction 3 catalina’s printed out!! 2 $1 off your next purchase and a jcpenney portrait session. My last transaction was oreos and a gallon of milk. (No, WIC doesn’t pay for junk food! Bummer, huh?!:)


I paid $1.38 for this transaction!!!

Of course I had coupons… The oreos were on sale for $2.99 (they’re $2.98 at Walmart right now), the milk was $3.39. Viva is the GOOD, expensive kind of milk. Mark prefers it, but since it’s so expensive I normally don’t buy it, unless I have a WIC check for milk. I had a $1 off nabisco cookies and one gallon of milk. I also had a free gallon of milk coupon from buying oreos a couple weeks ago. Then I had those 2 $1 off next purchase catalina’s. I was planning on paying at least $2, but since I got the 2 $1 cat’s I only paide $1.38. If only tax had been $.01 more I would’ve only paid a cent for it all!! But tax was $.39 so I couldn’t use both of the $1 off cat’s. They can’t actually pay me money to shop there.

That is one of the things that I didn’t like about the last ‘Extreme couponing’ show on TLC. That lady totally would not have gotten that gift card for $60 if she hadn’t been on the show!! Stupid stores and stupid TV. Sorry, I’m annoyed at how unrealistic that show is. Oh, well, doesn’t matter.

Oh, while I was doing all these transactions I had my first run in with a really MAD fellow shopper waiting in line. I did 3 WIC transactions and I told the cashier I would get back in line after he rung those up, but he said, “No, you don’t have to. WIC purchases are different so you can do more than 3 in a row.” I still felt uneasy about it, but they weren’t busy and no one was behind me in line. BUT of course that changed the minute he started ringing me up. lol

They only had the one cashier on the floor so they opened up another one, thankfully, but the guy wrang up one of the transactions wrong. The lady behind me pushed the oreos and milk closer to him and said “this is hers too.” The cashier explained that it had to be a seperate transaction and she looked at him in the most evil way and said, “You have GOT to be kidding me!” She mumbled a bunch of other stuff and huffed off to the self check out. I tried appologizing to her after he had to redo the transaction, but she wasn’t even looking at me. All she could think about was how much she hated me. I understand. I totally do. That’s why I wanted to only do 3 transactions, but you know what? I didn’t care after she pulled that little tantrum. I need to feed my baby. There’s nothing wrong with me buying food for my baby. It’s not my fault they have to split all of the WIC checks up.

Ok, I’m don’t with my little rant. LOL How is your shopping going?

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  1. Thats an awesome deal! Dont feel bad for doing different transactions! People are just very pushy. I just went to Vons to get a few things on sale and they only had 1 line open and seriously like 12 people in line!! it was horrible one guy just set his stuff down and left! Anyways you never told me how much you got on your last blog purchase?!

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