Walgreens with Kids :P

I went in for 2 things and it took half an hour!! WHY do I do this to myself? LOL

Anyway, so I was wrong about the sale. The H&S shampoo is actually B1G50% off 1. That’s still a good deal though. The price of the shampoo is $5.99 so buy 2 of them for $11.98 and get $3 off as well as $5.99 is you have the coupon from the past sundays P&G insert. There is also a $1/1 H&S shampoo in the P&G insert from 6/5.

I didn’t do as well as I had wanted, but I added some M&M’s to my purchase so that’s why:)


I paid $7.65 and saved $12.47.

I had 2 coupons for $2/1 Oral B toothbrush and they were on sale 2/$2 at Wags this week, but they don’t do overage there so I only used one of the coupons and got them both for free. I think I’ll go to Walmart and buy some more with my other coupons because they do overage there.

There is a $1/2 in-store coupon for the M&M’s this month so I got those for $4. So I paid $2.99 for the H&S Shampoo before tax, $4 for the M&M’s and $0 for the toothbrushes. That actually isn’t that bad. I haven’t price matched M&M’s at Walmart or Target yet so I will let you know if that’s a good price. I think they’re usually about $2.50 or more at Walmart for the size I got at Wags.

Also, if you have a dog, Target is doing a sale on their IAMS dog food this week. I’m going to take advantage of that later today. It’s 17.5 lbs for $16. Good price!! They also have charmin toilet paper on sale and Bounty paper towels. I need to get both of those. I just wish I had higher value coupons!!

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