We Are Toys R Us Kids!!:)

My 4 year old got his wish today! We went back to Toys R Us and bought him a Pokemon backpack. He also picked out a Pokemon lunch box that we got for free and they had some thermoses on sale so I bought those too:)

Brynnan was so excited about his new Pokemon school gear that I let him pose with them for the picture:) Hehe

I paid $37.04 and saved $22.98!! Woohoo!! The Thermoses were only $2.98. I tried to find Pokemon water bottles, but all they had were Cars 2 and Toys Story 3 for boys. They had other thermoses, but they were $14.99 with only a 25% off sale on them:P So the jungle ones will work for now!!

I didn’t count on buying the thermoses before we got there so I was only planning on spending about $32, but adding on the thermoses for only $5 more isn’t that bad!!:)

I might attempt going to Walmart to finish out our school shopping, but I will probably wait until Mark gets home before I go. lol

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