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10 Teacher Gift Ideas


I always think about what to give my kids’ teachers and therapists for weeks on end before I finally decide on what to do. I don’t know why I do it that way. I just want it to be THE perfect gift and for them to know they are appreciated.

I thought I would share 10 of the finalists on my list this year:

1. Cozy Toes


2. Merry and “Sprite”


3. Christmas Pouches



4. Snowmen & Santa Gum wraps christmasteachergiftideas3

5. Milk Carton Treat Holder


6. Used Pencil Star


7. Mistle Toes Gift bag


8. Twine wrapped Star ornament


9. Rice Krispie Treat Trees


10. Holly Jolly Christmas Treat bag



My original idea was to make the pencil star into an ornament and then make a printable to go with it that said, “Thanks for helping me shine.”, but the only kind of pencils we have are the decorated ones and I thought it would be fun to use old ones from the teachers classroom. Well, I decided it might be too much of a problem to ask my boys’ teachers to send home some pencils for them to do a craft project. I’m sure they wouldn’t mind, but I’m already driving myself crazy with other crafts needing to get done so I found the twine wrapped star ornament idea from pinterest. I had settled on that one for sure and then I went shopping at Walmart and came up with a different idea all together. I will post about it this week once I get it all finished up. I’ll give you a hint though, the rice krispie treat tree was my inspiration. 🙂

Well, thanks for stopping by today! I hope you’ll come back tomorrow to see the teacher gift I ended up making!

2 thoughts on “10 Teacher Gift Ideas

    1. I really love doing teacher gifts. It gives me a sense of accomplishment. I don’t know why. LOL I think as long as you get your kids to school and dressed and homework done and fed, you’re doing your job!! 🙂 Love you!

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