14 Creative Homemade Valentine Ideas

Good morning!! Can you believe it is only a month away from Valentine’s Day?! I’ve been pinning ideas like crazy because I know the time will just fly by!! I’m trying my hardest to plan farther in advance for my crafts so here are some cute ideas to get those creative juices flowing. I LOVE finding new ideas each year to make for my boys to give out to their friends on Vday.

1. Frozen Olaf Valentin Printable (This is seriously such a CUTE idea!! I totally loved that movie!!) valentineideas

2. Bursting with happiness


3. Animal Valentines (Perfect for boys!! Mine have informed me that this is the one they want to do this year:) I guess my mind has been made up for me.)


4. Fortune cookie Valentine (You could include a cute little fortune or a sentiment. It would be cute to make a printable with it that said, “I’m so FORTUNE-nate to be your friend” or something like that:) I thought it was a cute and clever pun. hehe)


5. Lego Valentine


6. Yoda Best Valentine


7. I Dig You ( I really wanted to do this one, but each of my boys have at least 25 kids in their class so that would be over $50 if I were to buy shovels at $1 each. It could possibly cost more than that. SIGH! All the really cute ones cost too much:P)


8. Lollipop Card covers


9. Secret Message Valentine (I’ve never done this before. I think it would be something fun to give my kids on Vday.)


10. Love Bug valentineideas15

11. Army Guy Valentine (Totally cool for a boy, just attach a piece of candy with it.) valentineideas14

12. Glow Stick Valentine valentineideas13

13. I Like How You Roll Valentine valentineideas12

14.  I’m bananas for you valentineideas9

Well, there you have 14 cute ideas to get the ball rolling this year. Do you like to make your kids’ valentines, have them make something or buy the store bought ones? I used to buy the store bought ones, but it’s so much more fun to do homemade ones. If you think one of these is cute, but don’t want to make it yourself send me an email (! I’d LOVE to make something up for you!

Thanks for stopping by! I hope you have a great Tuesday!

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