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30 sewing projects before 30

I’ve decided that I want to be a seamstress. I want to make clothes for my boys and clothes for girls to give away to friends and nieces and also to sell if that ever works out. And since I love things to rhyme I thought it would be perfect to make my goal 30 projects before I’m 30 years old. Yes, it’s true I’m almost 30. Next April will be the last month in my 20’s. It’s weird to think about. All of my friends are older than me, mostly, so they’ve already been through this. I really didn’t think it would be that big of a deal, but it is and I hate it!

Anyway, here is my list of projects I have so far, they will probably change along the way so I will keep you updated:

1-3. Mario Brothers Quilts (3 of these, which I guess can count as 3 different projects because they will all be different. This is the sewing project I’m going to make for the boys for Christmas. I’m crossing my fingers that I can get them all made in time!! I have to start getting my but in gear for this!!)
4. Car trash bag (yeah I didn’t get that done before my big trip. I wish I would’ve!!! My car is a MESS!!!)
5. Ties for boys
6. Headbands for girls and women
7. Skirt for me
8. Maxi dress for me
9. Cardigan out of old shirt (keeping it simple)
10. Shorts for boys (melly sews)
11. Shirts for boys (melly sews)
12. Watermelon skirt (melly sews)
13. Embellish a shirt for me
14. Car book holder
15. Tiered Ruffle skirt (Every Creative Endeavor)
16. Kids Apron (Sew Liberated)
17. diaper covers
18. Monster pillow case/tooth fairy pillow
19. Border Fabric Sundress (lil blue boo)
20. T-shirt Dress Refashion (Craftiness is not Optional)
21. Pillow covers
22. Little girls Peasant shirt or dress (Craftiness is not Optional)
23. Double Layer Circle Skirt
24. Pleated T-shirt dress (Make it & Love it)
25. No Hem Skirt
26. Tutu Shirt for me
27-30. Bean Bag/Rice filled frogs for family & friends (I’m going to count this as the 4 last remaining projects. I might decided to just make it one project since it’s all the same and they’re pretty easy, but I might not:) I’ll probably take the easy way since I only have 9 months until my birthday. lol)

There you have it! That’s my list of sewing projects I want to complete. You can find most of them on my Pinterest sewing board. I have so many projects that I want to do!! I think this is a pretty good list. I’m hoping I can sell a lot of the girly things I make to make up the cost of fabric.

I’m excited to get home and get started!! I think the first project I’ll work on is the car trash bag. And I need to get all the fabric together for the kids’ quilts. That’ll probably take a few weeks because I’ll want to buy them with coupons to make it all more affordable. Jo-Ann’s is having some really great sales right now!

What projects or goals to you have going on right now or coming up? It’s almost a new school year, are you getting ready for that? Do you have a blog with your projects on them? Link us up!! I’d love to see your craftiness in action!!

Thanks for stopping by!! I hope you’re having a great week so far!

3 thoughts on “30 sewing projects before 30

  1. Hey, cute friend! Dude, sometimes I forget that you’re not my exact age. And then I make a reference to Troop Beverly Hills, and you’re like, “What’s that?” Hahaha! Here are my thoughts on my 30s so far – I likey. I think I’m more comfortable in my own skin and with myself than I’ve ever been. There are sad things – like a prolapsed bladder and my knees not functioning anymore. But overall, they’re alright.

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