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A Late Happy Thanksgiving!

The week before and the week of Thanksgiving were SO BUSY for us!! I had a bunch of Thanksgiving crafts I wanted to post about, but I never got a chance. So here they are:

First off was our Thankful tree.

I made a brown tree out of construction paper and glued 4 white pieces of scrapbook paper together to hang it up on. I decided we could trace our hands as the leaves and that would be a cute way to do it:)

Second was my turkey door hanger:


Can you tell how crooked it turned out?!!! I was so upset when I stepped back to admire my new decoration that I had actually MADE myself, and I realized it wasn’t straight! I spent forever trying to get the ribbons I used for the legs straight and it still didn’t even work!:P Oh, well, I still love it and can’t wait to hang it up next year. I finally finished it about a week before Thanksgiving. I had THE hardest time finding the right ribbons to use!!! I finally drove all the way to the other side of town (the west side, which is not traveled by many, lol). I found the orange and green dotted ribbon there, which I thought was so cute. No one else was selling anything fallish!! I wanted ribbons with leaves or dark brown or some other fallish type decorated ribbon, but no one sells anything fun like that. At least, if they do, it’s all gone by the month of November. Next year, I’m starting sooner on my fall crafts:)

My next project? I give you a hint…. ribbons and frames are involved…. you’ll have to wait and see what I mean:)


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