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A New Sewing Challenge

I told you I was trying to come up with a new challenge after finishing my 30 sewing projects before I turned 30. I’ve been thinking a lot about this and came up with a few ideas that are doable. I was browsing through my bloglovin’ feed on the 4th and there was a sale going on over at Elegance & Elephants. I absolutely LOVE her patterns! I’ve never sewn one up, but they just look so cute and I’ve heard so many good things about them. The bubble shorts have been on my wishlist since before she put them in her store!!

Anyway, I decided to buy the pattern finally because she was doing a 20% off sale until July 5th. There were a few other patterns I was really tempted to buy from her, but then I realized I have a TON of patterns that I haven’t even sewn yet! I should probably go through all the patterns I’ve bought or gotten for free and see how many I have.

Since I’m not made of money I decided just to buy the bubble shorts pattern. I then had the thought dawn on me that I should do another sewing challenge with all of the patterns that I do have! So, I am going to count up all of my patterns and come up with a plan of what I will sew and when. I want to do all of this before my 31st birthday, which will be April 29, 2014. Do you think I can do it? I have a LOT of patterns….



These patterns are on my laptop and there are 29 of them that I haven’t made yet.


I also have 13 store bought patterns that I need to finish or start. Plus, some “orders” that my children have placed with me for suits and probably pajamas and shorts as well.



This is my lovely fabric stash I’ve built up so far. If I were rich I would have SOooo much more fabric than this, but alas, I’m not.

My goal before my next birthday is to use every single pattern I own, before I buy anymore. No matter how good the sale is!! No more patterns are allowed, at least ones I have to pay for. I have a bunch more patterns on my pinterest sewing board. Not too many though, only 369!! LOL

How am I going to accomplish this goal in the next 9 and a half months? I am going to work on at least 2 sewing projects a week. Every day my goal will be to sew for 30 minutes. That’s not too much and it will help me feel like I’m accomplishing something every day. I often feel like I have to finish my sewing projects in one sitting, which is HARD as a mom! So, I think that if I tell myself I can only sew for 30 minutes a day I won’t feel stressed to finish a project in one day. Also, I won’t get behind on sewing, at least I hope not! 🙂

So, my list of priorities looks like this:

1. Lil’ Gentleman suit (x2 for customer)

2. Kitchenaid cover

3. Kindle cover

4. Sock Monkey

5. Tooth Fairy pillow

6. Tic Tac Toe game

7. Noah’s Ark kit

8. Mario Quilt (x3 for my boys’ Christmas presents this year.)

9. Snorlax beanbag (Yeah, I know, I still haven’t finished this and it was supposed to be my husbands Christmas present!!)

10. Pillow case dresses

11. Boys shorts

12. Bubble shorts

13. Hopscoth shirt

14. Miss Mod Top (for me)

15. Yoga pants (for me)

16. Skinny jeans (for boys)

17. Sophia Scallop skirt

18. The Warhol dress

19. Elephant softie

20. Cozy hooded cape

21. Layered dress

22. Hexi potholder

23. Convertible clutch

24. Itty Bitty Dress

25. Maxi skirt/dress

26. Ruffle tiered dress

27. The party dress

28. The Love me knots dress

29. Spring Fever dress

Whew! I never thought I’d get done with that list! LOL Now I need to figure out which store patterns I want to make and in what order. I will more than likely blog about all of these sewing projects, so I will keep you updated on how I’m doing and what I’m getting done. I’m excited about this new challenge! I hope you’ll follow along with me in the process!

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