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A Tutorial Tuesday ~ 4th of July shirts

I told you I was going to make 4th of July shirts for the boys. Well, if you know me I procrastinate A LOT!! I put it off until Sunday night, the 1st!! And we were leaving Monday afternoon for a 2 day trip so I wouldn’t have any time to make it after Monday.

Sunday night I got on pinterest, what else?!!, to figure out what exactly I wanted to do. I had an idea, a flag with fabric. I had a bunch of 4th of July themed fabric scraps that would work perfectly so I used a couple different patterns for each shirt.

I settled on a flag shirt that had 4 strips of red fabric and then a blue rectangle with stars on it. I can’t find the blog for the life of me now. I guess I didn’t pin it on pinterest, I must’ve seen it at a link party. I’ll keep searching for it and let you know if I find it.

I cut up my fabric a little bigger than the lady on the blog suggested. My measurements were 4 1/2″ x 1 1/2″  for the 2 smaller strips, 8 1/2″ x 1 1/2 ” for the longer ones and the blue rectangle was about 5 1/2″ x 4 1/2″.

After I cut them all out I places them on the shirt how I wanted them. I then took out my fusible interfacing and proceeded to iron it onto the fabric pieces. This is kind of a funny story so sit tight and listen/read while I explain:

I was really confused and thinking that I was using Wunder-Under and not interfacing!! SO when I went to pull off the interfacing from the fabric it just pulled off and left no sticky residue to iron into place on the shirt. I was so frustrated with myself. I thought I had left the iron on for too long on all the pieces… ‘lo & behold when I got to my Mother in laws house and we talked about this incident she said, “OH you want to use Wunder-Under!!!” Oh, yeah, DUH!! I had used it at my mom’s to make a monkey applique bib and I thought it was amazing stuff! apparently I didn’t care to remember the name of it though. LOL

So, I gave up without knowing what the problem was on Sunday night. I pinned the pieces in place and started to sew.

I used red thread for the red pieces and a grey color for the blue rectangle.

It turned out ok. The fabric kept moving, even with the pins so I was annoyed by that, but I still think it looks cute!:)

I made one for my toddler too, so those measurements were a little different. I made the blue rectangle a little longer in length and shorter in width. It just worked better with the smaller shirt. I didn’t write them down though so I’m telling you from memory. I think the blue rectangle was 3 1/2″ x 2″ and the smaller strips were about 3 3/4″  x 1 1/2″. The longer strips were about 5 1/2″ x 1 1/2″.

I didn’t feel like pinning the strips onto the onesie because I was tired and being lazy. I decided to just use fabric glue to keep them in place. I wish I had taken the time to pin them down! 😛

Sewing on the fabric. I started with the blue piece first this time around.

Let me tell you, sewing on a onesie is a LOT harder than I thought it would be!! But I got through it!:)

This is the shirt I made at my mother in laws house on Tuesday night, since I didn’t get a chance to finish it before leaving and I left all our luggage, including the supplies to make a shirt for Brynnan!

It turned out better though because she had Wunder-Under!!:) Woohoo! So I cut it up and ironed it on. It stayed in place perfectly and didn’t move an inch while I sewed. It was amazing!! She had invisible thread so I used that. It was interesting. I’m not sure I like it, but it was cool to use.

Here’s Brynnan on our drive home on the 4th wearing his new shirt proudly.

My crazy boys sporting their holiday spirits:)

They were all really excited about their new shirts. I’m glad that they liked them so much!!

What did you make for your kids for the holiday? I wish I had a little girl that could’ve worn the little twirly skirt I made a few weeks ago! But, I don’t so I have my cute boys to make stuff for:)

Thanks for stopping by!! I hope you’re having a great Tuesday!:)




3 thoughts on “A Tutorial Tuesday ~ 4th of July shirts

  1. I think they turned out cute- and if not perfect it’s kind of rustic looking especially when it’s washed a little more. 🙂
    Love Tini’s hair cut- what a little man! (he almost looks smaller though? Not sure how that happens?)

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