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Baby Doll Clothes

I’m staying with my sister and her family this week. She has 3 boys, just like me, but she also has a GIRL!!! She’s the only niece on my mom’s side and we all love her to death!! She is just the cutest little girl!! I actually haven’t met her, or any of my sisters kids or her husband, so this is the first time I’m meeting any of them!! CRAZY right??!! Yeah, it’s about time!!

Anyway, remember the dress that I made for Malaya back in March while I was at my mom’s house? I’ve made and bought Malaya hair bows and had so much fun spoiling her and wishing I had a girl of my own to do the same to.

Wile we’ve been visiting I’ve gotten to know Malaya a lot better. She LOVES baby dolls! And we’ve also found that Tinian does too:) But that’s off the subject… She doesn’t have a whole lot of baby clothes so I was talking to my sis, Kaylee, and she said it would be fun if I made her some baby clothes for her babys.

Hobby Lobby is having a sale on patterns so we went, with all the kids in tow, HUGE mistake!! But I found a pattern that we liked and seemed easy to make so I bought it and some cute fabric.

We came home and were hanging out. Malaya brought her doll to me and wanted to put some of her shoes on her. Needless, to say, they were way too big and kept falling off. Then, it dawned on me, I could make her little shoes for her dolls. I had seen DIY baby shoes on pinterest and around the web before and knew it could be easy enough to adjust the size for the doll.

I did a quick pinterest search and found a bunch of results!! I pinned some to my sewing board and once I decided what fabric to use I’ll pick out which one I really want to do. My favorite pattern was this one with the ruffle!! But it might not work with such a small shoe. I need to measure the feet, but I’m sure they aren’t more then an inch big.

I told Kaylee my idea and she loves it:) So, I’m anxious to get home and get started!! I have so much sewing to catch up on! I guess it’s a good thing the older boys are going back to school soon so I’ll have a lot more time to sew without breaking up fights all day long:) YAY!!!

Wish me luck on this new fun project!:) I’m excited about it!!

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