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A Crafty Christmas ~ The Little Drummer Boy Ornament

Good morning! How are you all on this wintery Friday? I hope you’re staying warm!

Crafty Christmas

I have something fun for you today! I am participating in a fun crafty challenge with Emily from Nap-Time Creations. She came up with different blog topics and had bloggers sign up for what they wanted to make. I signed up for Music in the sewing/fabric category. You know me, I LOVE me some sewing and fabric projects:)


Since I signed up for the Music idea I immediately KNEW what I was going to make, something having to do with a certain boy that drums. Hehe. It’s my FAVORITE Christmas song!! Here, listen to one of my favorite versions of it that I found on youtube this week:

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Just Beautiful, right?!! It’s just such an amazing song to me. I love the lyrics and the tune and just all of it.

Anyway, I had so many fun ideas to make with this idea in my head, but I finally settled on one and I love it!


What do you think?!! I actually started making a whole nativity set, but I just don’t have time to finish it right now, so I settled on make just the drummer boy ornament.


Can you tell that it’s supposed to be the Little drummer boy?!! I was so worried that no one would understand the stick looking things are drum sticks and not arms. Tell me the truth! I can take it! 🙂


It was really easy to make!! I got the idea for the ornament from Jessica at Cutesy Crafts. She made an adorable ornament of a fox and deer out of felt. I loved the idea of hand stitching the circle and putting a bit of stuffing in it for depth. I got the shape for the drummer boy from “C” is for Crafty. I hand stitched the drum and the eyes and mouth and glued the hair and the drum sticks on. Then I glued the drummer boy onto the felt circle and glued a piece of embroidery floss on for easy tree hanging.


Well, thanks for stopping by! I have a big surprise for you tomorrow so please come back and see my new announcement! Have a great day!!

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