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Baby Girl Crib Bumper

Hello there! I’m glad to be here today to show you a CUTE baby crib bumper that a friend of mine made.


I don’t have any girls, I have 3 BOYS, so when Sydney said she was trying to make a bumper for her 4 month old little girl I totally jumped on that chance to go fabric shopping with her. I new her baby’s room was all PINK so I knew it would be SO fun to look at the girly colors.

I dropped my 3 year old off at her house where her awesome husband watched the kiddos so we could spend the hour and a half without having to hassle with them AND find the perfect fabric to match the room. She also made an ADORABLE no-sew bed skirt, which you can see in the pictures, and she said it was easy! Yay for easy projects!!

Sydney’s sister had given her a crib bumper, but she wasn’t too crazy about it. Instead of making a bumper from scratch, she decided to sew the new cute fabric onto the old bumper. It was a great solution and worked out well!

Anyway, here is the final project:


She ended up picking out a green polka dot fabric and I LOVE how it goes with the pink!! It’s kind of an olive green color.


She bought the sheer pink ribbon while we were at Joann’s and I love how she sewed 4 of them along the middle. It gives the green that little pop of pink to tie it in with the rest of the pink.



Instead of making the bumper go all the way around the crib she just made the sides. She used the left over bumper her sister gave her to make a pillow. Isn’t it adorable?!!

Here’s the bed skirt she made.



She used an old white fitted crib sheet. She cut holes in the bottom edge about 1 finger width apart. The tulle she cut to 30 inches long and fed it through the holes one by one and VOILA!


It’s adorable and easy without needing a sewing machine.

Thanks for letting me feature you cute crib bumper and bed skirt, Sydney!! I think it’s awesome you did this all by yourself and yet you tell me I’m a good seamstress! 🙂 I think you’re great!

Thanks for stopping by and I hope you have a wonderful Wednesday!


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