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Fashion Friday

I like doing this post. It’s fun to show off my new fashion ideas. Not that I’m very fashionable, but I’m trying to be more so than just the normal mommy jeans, a t-shirt and a ponytail (I mean that with no offense either!! Yesterday I wore my pajamas all day until about 8:00 when I had to go out shopping so I finally got dressed!!). I hope you like what I’m doing:)

Since I started my Etsy shop, Crafty Meggy: Bows ‘n More, I’ve noticed that not only are people making bows and headbands and whatnot for kids and babies, but they’re also becoming popular in women’s fashion. I have found so many beautiful items on Etsy, but I can’t afford them.

So, I’ve decided to make my own. I bought some bobby pins and put a flower and button on one of them and for only about $.10 I had a nice and simple hair accessory.

My son was taking the pictures, sorry they’re a bit blurry and out of focus! What do you think? I’ve had fun wearing it and adding a little something extra to my updo. How about you? What have you been doing with your hair and accessories?

I was at Shopko a couple nights ago and I was looking at their jewelry and headbands. They had some on sale so I bought 4 of them:

The metal ones have a beetle on them!!! They’re so ugly, but I was able to pull one of them off and figured I could put a flower or something else on it. Not sure what I’ll do with the other beetle on. lol The other two came in a pack so I actually bought 5 of them. There was another one I was wearing in my hair when I took the above picture:

I wasn’t really sure if I liked the big bow on the side of this headband, but after putting it on and wearing it grew on me. Now it’s my favorite one out of the 5:)

here’s a top-side view of the bow.

Here’s another view from the front.

I took my hair out of the messy bun it had been in all day and realized I looked much cuter that way so I had my husband take a better picture of me. It was still with my cell phone so not the greatest quality. The necklace I’m wearing is my favorite!:)

If you’re into dressing your hair up you can email me pictures at and I will do a spotlight on them!! You can also leave your blog address in the comments and I’ll come take a look at your stuff!

I hope you have a wonderful Friday!! See you tomorrow with a fun new Saturday post edition I’ll be doing.

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