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Fashion Friday

Well, remember when I told you Friday was going to be food storage day? I think I gave up on that without even realizing. LOL I did stock up on what we needed at the time, Refried beans and paper towels and toilet paper. And each week I try to put an extra can of something on the list even if we won’t be using it right away. It’s been a nice little change and I intend to keep doing it. I hope you will too. This time of year is so busy I just don’t have time to keep up with this blog as much as I had hoped! I do want to continue it in the future so stick around and see what happens in the coming year:)

On a new note, I’m really getting into the fashion and trends of these days. I absolutely LOVE pinterest!!! It is just amazing how many great ideas you can find there. I love the hairstyle and fashion pins. Some of my favs are:


Kit Kat Cake!! So clever! My mouth is watering!


I want to try this for my craft table!! What a great organizing idea!


I love the ideas on this blog. I really need to start spending more time on myself. Somedays I don’t even brush my hair. *GASP*!!! I know. I’m crazy!


I love the flat shoes and the colors here!! And the scarf and jacket… I guess I love it all:)


And this is just gorgeous!! I LOVE the colors. I would totally wear it myself! I’m really getting into dressing myself up more these days. It’s a lot of fun!

SO, if you aren’t a member of pinterest yet, you need to be!

A couple Sundays ago I got all dressed up for church and was really excited about my outfit. Like I said I’m really getting into dressing up nice. Even if I’m just wearing jeans and a shirt I feel nice if I add some earings or a necklace. Adding a little goes a long way!

I know what I’m wearing isn’t incredibly trendy, but it’s me. I was wearing white earrings too, can you kind of see the one on my left ear? They’re my favorite earrings.

Try dressing yourself up this week. Add a necklace to a simple outfit. I promise, you’ll feel so much better!:)

1 thought on “Fashion Friday

  1. Looks great! Its fun to dress up!! I hardly wear make up to work and keep telling myself i should probably spend the extra few minutes in the morning to put it on!

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