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Getting Ready for Thanksgiving

This week is going to be BUSY!! And so much FUN!! I can’t wait to be with family on Thanksgiving!!

Ok, so last week I gave you a list of all the crafty things I needed to do for thanksgiving and I didn’t do a single one of them until yesterday, of course! I thought about them every day, multiple times a day, but I just didn’t have the motivation like only 2 days until we leave for Vegas! Nothing gives me motivation like only having 2 days left to prepare!!

SO, yesterday, I printed off the coloring placemats for the kids and the Bingo cards. Here’s how they turned out:


I got the placemat printable from HERE. I printed them off on white cardstock so they’d be a little bit sturdier than printer paper. I also re-sized them in photoshop to be 8×10 and because of that the border wasn’t printed.


CUTE! I love how they turned out!


The Thanksgiving Bingo I got HERE. I laminated each sheet with self adhesive laminating sheets so they wouldn’t get dirty or ruined. I hope they’ll last for a while.


I also found a Thanksgiving Mad Libs that I’m going to print out and do with the boys on the drive down to visit with family.


I will print multiple copies so we can do them with the family on Thanksgiving day as well. I used to do Mad Libs ALL. THE. TIME. when I was growing up. I want to start doing them more with my kids so I thought this would be a fun one to do together.

This week I will be sharing posts about all the Thanksgiving crafts we did over the weekend. We are leaving on Wednesday at 7am to drive the 10 hours to Las Vegas to be with our family. I’m SO excited and so are the kids!! They can’t wait to see their cousins! We will be spending Thursday and Friday with some of my family, but not everyone could be there. I’m SO sad about that! I’ll be missing my brother’s, 4 sister’s, Mom and step dad, and my Dad.

Where are you going for Thanksgiving? Do you have elaborate travel plans like we do? On top of the Thanksgiving crafts I’m also trying to come up with some fun stuff for our 3 year old to do in the car. It’s going to be a LONG drive!!

Wish us luck! Come back tomorrow for a fun Turkey craft.

Thanks for stopping by and have a great Monday!

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