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Happy Halloween!!

Hello friends!! I hope you’re all enjoying your Halloween Holiday! 🙂 I know my kids are!! Even my husband and I (kind) of dressed up this morning! I don’t have a craft project to share with you today, I did, but then my husband and I decided not to finish it up because it’s going to be in the 30’s tonight while trick or treating so we won’t be using the project. BUMMER!! I was probably just as excited about it as the kids were! But we’ll survive.

Anyway, here are some pictures from our morning celebrating this fun Halloweeen!


Some of you might remember this pumpkin shirt from last year that I made for Brynnan. He was so excited to wear it today, even if it will be under his costume! 🙂



I made a bat shirt for Jonas last year, but this year he got a batman shirt when school started so he wanted to wear that one, which was fine with me.


And, of course, he is batman this year! 🙂 The project I was going to finish today was a Batmobile. I was going to use their life size hot wheel car that my husband bought for cheap from a thrift store and fixed up for only $55, total!! I might still try to fix it up. We’ll see:)


Brynnan is really into power rangers so he HAD to be the red one!! (Red is his favorite color:)


Tinian and I spent a good 15 minutes picking out candy at Winco in the bulk section. I think I got about 10 lbs for $10! Woohoo! And I made the little treat boxes for the boys’ teachers. They have cute little witch candies that I made:


I participated in a blog swap earlier this week. If you missed it I was guest blogging over at Mammy 2 Grammy with these cute little treats. Go check out her blog if you missed it and see my post!

Thanks for stopping by today!! Hope you have a fun Halloween!!

4 thoughts on “Happy Halloween!!

    1. You’re welcome, Kim!! I’m glad I was able to have you here at my blog! We should definitely do it again! I hope you have a great Halloween! 🙂

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