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Happy New Year!

I thought I would jump on and wish everyone a happy new year! I’m excited to get started on all my plans! First things first, I want to share my progress on my 30 sew projects. I got a lot done in the last 2 months and have been able to cross some stuff off. Things didn’t exactly work out for Christmas pj’s, but I still want to make some winter ones for my boys. It will be my challenge for this month.

Here’s my new list and ones that I’ve crossed off (I rewrote it this weekend trying to give certain things priority and putting them in the order I want to sew them in. We’ll see if it goes that way. I only have 17 more weeks until my 30th birthday. I gotta get movin’!!):

1-3. Aviator hats for my boys

4-6. Bean bag frogs for boys and mother in law

7. Lil Gentleman’s suit

8. Snorlax bean bag chair

9. Tie ( depending on how well the first tie goes, I might make a few of these:) I guess we’ll see)

10. Lil’ Long Johns

11. Scrap tutu for Vday

12. Hopscotch top for Vday

13. Winter PJ’s for Jonas

14. Winter pj’s for Brynnan

15. Sock Monkey

16. pleated headband

17. DIY Ironing Board

18. Doll Clothes

19. Doll Shoes

20. Car Trash bag

21-23. Teacher Aprons

24. skinny Jeans for Jonas

25. Maxi skirt for me

26. Tooth Fairy Pillow

27. Diaper & wipe carrier

28. suit for Tinian

29. Suit for Jonas

30. Suit for Brynnan

Also to go along with the suits for the boys I’ll make a suit coat.

Today I will be starting the new year out with working on finishing my husbands Christmas present, the Snorlax bean bag chair. Yes, I didn’t get it finished before Christmas Day and I still haven’t’ been able to finish it so today I’m hoping to get it most of the way done for him. He’s been very patient with me since Christmas day and only says something nonchalantly about finishing it once or twice a day:) Wish me luck with that.

I also have a sick kid at home, who I spent a good portion of my day with at the ER yesterday. He is feeling a little better and hopefully will be all the way better by tomorrow, when school starts again.

Speaking of school, did anyone else’s kids only get a week and 2 days off?!! I was kind of surprised they got out of school so late last month and then are going back so early this month! Oh, well, I guess it’s good for once that the school district isn’t trying to get rid of our kids so much and not teach them. I’m really annoyed with our school district! But that’s a whole other topic so I won’t get into that….

I hope you had a wonderful New Years Eve and enjoy the new year! I’m looking forward to it! Thanks for stopping by!

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  1. Man, I wish my kids were back at school today. I’m ready to kill them already this morning… Who did you go to the ER with??? Yikes. Bikes.

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