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Happy Valentine’s Day! ~ Valentines Gifts & Decor

Happy Valentine’s Day! It’s finally here! My kids were so excited this morning. I think mostly because I made them little mail boxes and put little presents in them. I placed them on the table at each of their places and my 6 year old found them first. He came running into my room and said “Thank you, Mommy!! I love the boxes!” It was so sweet!


These are the boxes he was talking about. I got a file for a 3D mail box on Silhouettes online store. I had my Silhouette cut out 3 of the boxes and then put them together last night.



I bought some fun goodies to put inside them and the boys all loved them! Tinian has been snacking on his cinnamon hearts off and on this morning:)

I wasn’t able to make the teacher gifts I wanted too, but I did make the boys’ Valentine’s for their classes. They turned out cute:


I got the idea from pinterest. I was going to do pictures of them holding their hands out flat and have the saying on the card be, “Will you be my buttercup?” and tape on a buttercup, but I couldn’t find the small buttercups. The only ones I found were heart shaped and too big:P So, this was my second idea.



Here’s the computer file. It’s a little easier to see them this way.



They both wanted to pose with their valentine boxes that they made. Can you tell they’re excited?! 🙂
Yesterday I finished up making my last Valentines day decoration and I’m really happy with it! _MG_8031-1 I bought the shape in the Silhouette store here and cut it out with pink vinyl. The light must have been hitting it weird because half of it looks read and the other half pink. The real color of it is the pink on the left:) _MG_8021-1 I decided to put some Valentines M&M’s in it and it made it so festive! _MG_8028-1 I fixed up a new area in my living room for holiday decor and I was so excited to add this glass cylinder to the mix! It complete the look! Notice that I finally got the lipstick heart decoration hung up on the wall? I think I’ll paint the frame a different color for next year. _MG_8024-1 So, that is it for my Valentine’s Day decorating! I can’t wait for this holiday to come next year! Besides Christmas, Valentine’s Day is my favorite holiday! Thanks for stopping by!! I hope you have a fun day!

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