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I’m in LOVE

with sewing!! I’m not very good at it and I probably do a lot of it wrong, but I love it! I’ve tried and retried it many times over the last 20 years and I’ve never enjoyed it as much as I have now. Maybe I didn’t have enough of a purpose or desire to do it before, but now I do? I don’t know, but these past 2 months with my new sewing machine has been so much fun!!

My friend Karlenn gave me the Kreativ Blogger award and I was very flattered! I haven’t yet posted about it so I thought I should, but more on that at a later time… in her little schpeel about my blog she mentions how she wishes she could have some of my energy. Believe me, there are days that I do absolutely NOTHING!! But I never blog about those days because, who cares about what I do on my lazy days? lol I do try to do something crafty or organize something everyday, but it doesn’t always happen. The key is to plan out your day. I’ve noticed that on the days I have a plan in place of what needs to get done, those are the most productive and best days. The days I don’t have a plan I feel lost and I get off track A LOT!!

Anyway, sorry, I got kind of side tracked there… I need a new sewing project. I can’t decide what it’s going to be. I’ve been browsing my sewing board over on pinterest and I just can’t make up my mind!! And it drives me crazy! I want to make everything all at the same time!!!

Here’s what I’ve narrowed it down to:


I know I’m going to make 4th of July shirts for the boys. I just need to buy some white shirts for the 3 of them and figure out exactly what I want to do. This is a cute idea, but I wouldn’t do the ruffles. Maybe use a red ribbon instead? I’m not sure yet.


I desperately need a garbage can for my car. I’ve been thinking about buying a plastic bin from Walmart for a LONG time, but I just never have. Something like this would be great because I could hang it over a seat by the boys so they can throw away all the trash they seem to collect.


I have a ton of scraps from my moms stash so I could totally make a cute little skirt like this:)


And this dress. Isn’t it just too cute!!! I LOVE it!

So, I’m just not sure where to start. I think I might do the trash bag for the car. Especially since I have some pretty long car rides coming up with just me and the kids! This would be a nice easy way to control the trash. I’ve been looking through my fabric and I think I have some that will work. All I need is the vinyl. I guess I just made up my mind. lol I think I’ll be going to walmart to get some vinyl after we put the kids to bed. Maybe I’ll get to work on it tonight….

Thanks for stopping by!! I would love to hear your opinion on my next sewing project.

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