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Kids Clothing Week is Coming!

I am excited for next week! It’s kids clothing week April 7th-13th! I haven’t been doing any sewing this year so I can’t wait to get some sewing projects done!! Here’s a list of what I have planned for next week:

1. Pillowcase Dresses GALORE!! I really want to get 20 dresses made, BUT I don’t want to set the bar too high so my goal is going to be to make 10 Pillowcase dresses for Project Yesu. You can read about my participation in this cause last year here and here.

2. Boys Shorts GALORE!! I would also like to do 20 of these, but my goal for these shorts will also be 10. You can read about my post last year when I made some for the boys in Uganda last year as well, here.

3. Hoodie long sleeved shirt for Brynnan. (I was going to make this for a clothing swap back in August but my machine was acting up and I never got around to making it. I have the fabric all cut out so I want to finish it.)

4. Snorlax Bean Bag. This one isn’t a clothing item and it’s definitely not for my kids, or any kids in general, BUT it is a project I NEED to finish and I figured if I get it done during this sewing week it will make my husband happy and also take a burden off of me that’s been on my shoulders for a year and 4 months! *SIGH*

So there you have my list of sewing projects I want to complete next week. It’s spring break this week and my kids and I are in Boise for some Dr. appointments for Jonas, my oldest. We won’t be back until Wednesday afternoon and I don’t really have anything exciting planned. I think that I will start cutting and preparing fabric for the Pillowcase dresses and shorts so I won’t have so much work to do next week. I might even finish up the snorlax bean bag so I can concentrate on the clothing sewing next week.

We’ll see how that goes. All I have to do is sew the head on, stuff it and then sew the bottom on with velcro. I’m really nervous about messing up the head so that’s why I keep putting it off. I’ve already had to start this whole project over from the beginning so I don’t want to have to start completely from scratch!! I just salvaged the pieces I had already sewn. I have to cut out a hole in the piece of the head fabric and the body fabric and once I do it there’s no going back! I’m nervous about making it crooked or off center. I’m not very good with things like that and I often just give up and continue sewing no matter how funky or crazy it looks. I just get annoyed with it not working out and want to give it over with. Are you like that? Or do you keep undoing and going back until you get it right? If it’s something that I can do easily then I do it that way, but more often then not I get frustrated and move on.

I’m sorry I haven’t been around a lot lately. I’ve been scrapbooking and making cards a lot and really enjoying it! I’m having so much fun getting caught up! I will hopefully be able to share some layouts with you really soon. I’ve been working on making process videos of my scrapbooking pages so that takes up a lot of my time next to the actual scrapping process, but I’m really enjoying it!

You can check out the videos I have on my YouTube Channel. My username is Crafty Meggy and you can find my videos HERE. If you subscribe to my channel you can get an email update whenever I have a new video.

Thanks for stopping by! I hope you’re doing great and having fun crafting!


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