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Kids Clothing Week Day 1

Hello everyone!! Are you ready to get started sewing?!! I know I am! I spent the weekend cutting and measuring fabric to get myself ready. I also started working on my husbands Snorlax Bean Bag yesterday and I’m ALMOST DONE with it!! It only took me a year and 4 months! lol I’m glad this kids clothing week is getting me to challenge myself to finish that present for him!

Here are a couple pictures of my preparations:






The above photo are a couple of print outs I made to help me in the coming week. The one on the left I copied and pasted into a file from the Ultimate pillowcase post on Sew Like My Mom. The one on the right is to help me keep track of all the projects I make. I will just record them by pattern and color. I’m kind of OCD so this makes me feel like I accomplished something.

I’ll be back tomorrow, I hope, to show you some finished sewing projects. You can view my plans for KCW this year by visiting the post I wrote up last week. I plan on doing a lot of simple sewing so that I can get a lot done this week! It will help me get done with sewing projects I’ve been wanting to create for a while now and to feel like I accomplished something. I’m really excited to get started!

Thanks for stopping by! I’d love for you to leave a comment telling me what you’ll be sewing if you’re joining in on KCW or even if you’re not I’d love to hear about what you’re sewing or crafting this week!

3 thoughts on “Kids Clothing Week Day 1

  1. I need to get started on the pillowcase dresses! Last year the YW and I sent in 30+ dresses. We are sewing them again for mutual next month, but I need to do some myself! I am in a sewing funk! I need to get motivated!

  2. Well, I actually did a sewing project with my activity days girls last week, if you can believe that. They were beggggggging me. And I’m like, sighhhhhh. And it was nightmarish. But I did it. I did it. I know you’ll be proud. And yes, I had to re-read my sewing manual before I started again. I can’t remember anything. And I get in a panic. That is how much I hate sewing.

    1. LOL What did you make this time? You guys did posies before right? I kinda wish I was working with girls instead of boys, but it’s ok. 🙂 glad you got it figured out. I still need my manual sometimes:)

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