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Let’s Get Organized! ~ The Craft Room

Hello Friends!! Did you think I ran away? Well, if you did, you could be half way right… I didn’t run away from my life, I just kind of ran away from my blog for a bit. lol I hope you will forgive me!! I thought getting my kids back into school would simplify my life and give me more time, but it hasn’t. In some ways it has, in others it hasn’t, and I’m a little frustrated with it all.

Anyway, I am here to give you an update and tell you my plan for my Craft room. You remember the daily plans I set out for August and then didn’t have ANY time to do anything in my craft room that month at all? Well, we’re more than half way through with September, and I still have had a whole lot of time to clean it up STILL!! My husband requested that I start doing it and that I could even neglect the other household cleaning to get it done. YAY! SO, this week I am setting out to get it done. Here is my new plan:

Sept. 23rd – Clean off ironing board and put it away in laundry room. Clean up papers on floor and shred unneeded/outdated bills and papers, etc. Organize and file papers not shredded. Clean up messy corner by the chairs and weird light green closet.

Sept 24th – Clean and organize closet. Find a place for pillows, blankets, etc. to go besides my craft closet. Put wrapping paper in the closet. Sew up my husbands Snorlax Bean Bag!!!

Sept 25th – Clean off all shelves above my scrapbook desk, store everything in the closet. Go through supplies and put them in categories (Craft supplies, Sewing Supplies, Silhouette supplies, Scrapbook Supplies, etc). Make a pile of things I won’t use and donate to local thrift store.

Sept 26th – Finish purging and organizing craft supplies. Put back some things on the shelves. Make card holders for cards I make for birthdays, etc.

Sept 29th – Pull everything off of bottom 2 cube shelves and store in the closet.

Sept 30th – Organize cube shelves with Studio Calico kits and other paper kits and collections. Organize project life kits on shelves above scrapbook desk. Store envelops on the shelves above scrapbook desk.

Oct. 1st – Make washi tape holders for the cube drawers and organize them by colors. Organize button and embellishment drawers in the cubes.

Oct. 2nd – Clean under sewing/computer desk. Organize shelving under there and find a better place for it, maybe? If I can’t find a better place for it, make a table skirt.

Oct. 3rd – Organize scrapbook desk. Glue baby food jars to underside of shelf for eyelets and buttons, etc.

Oct. 7th – Organize scrapbook desk drawers.

Oct. 8th – Organize fabric book shelf!!

Oct. 9th – Organize patterns into a binder or filing cabinet or other way. Figure it out!

Oct. 10th – Secure the 3 white shelves to the far wall. Organize sewing supplies in them. Finish organizing patterns and fabric.

Oct. 14th – Make decorations for craft room and decorate the room.

Oct. 15th – Organize the weird light green closet. Clean/organize any unfinished areas.

Oct. 16 to infinitey – Do a DAILY clean up before I go to bed!! NOTHING is allowed to be left out, even if I’m in the middle of a project!! I want this to be the last time my room ever looks this bad!!

So, this is my plan for the next month. I hope to get it all done faster than this, especially since I have 3 hours to myself 3 mornings a week since my 4 year old is in preschool now. Yay!

Here’s a video and some pictures of my room right now, before I start cleaning any of it… prepare yourself! It’s a DISASTER zone!

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This is the doorway and the view you can see as you walk by the room. PRETTY, right?!!


Here’s the view as you step into the room.


The closet with a bunch of junk and stuff that doesn’t belong in it.


The middle of the room needs some HELP!!


My scrapbook desk and shelves with all sorts of crafting supplies. My sewing machine doesn’t normally sit on the floor like that, but I don’t have room for it on my table anywhere….


The sewing machine goes on the far left of this desk.


The top of the scrapbooking desk has become a catch all. Not good at all!!


All of the shelves and cubes need to be reorganized!! I will be watching a lot of YouTube videos on craft rooms and organizing over the next month!! I can’t wait for it to be all done! I’ll keep you update with photos.

Thanks for stopping by today! I hope you’re having a great Monday so far!

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  1. Mine is looking similar I started a massive clean and declutter but I shut the door and havent gone in there for a couple of days can’t face it!!! Anyway, I love you took time to get things ready and didn’t blog I think all bloggers need a life as well not to be computer bound 24/7 Good Luck

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