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Let’s Get Organized ~ The Craft Room, Cont.

Soooo …… yeah, I got a lot done in the craft room last week, BUT not everything!! The toys are still taking up about a third of the room, half of my craft supplies are still in the same area they were before. I did move the shelves, new desk and old desk into the room though. Everything else is spread between my old craft area on the floor and the new desk and old desk. Some stuff is on the shelves, but no where near organized in the way I want it to be.

I went to DI this afternoon and found an AWESOME little shelf/cupboard thing. It was $12, which, I didn’t think was that bad of a price, but when I got home Mark said I paid too much for it. I think I did, but at least it’s cute and I’m happy with it:) LOL I checked out the DVD shelf I told you Mark saw, but it was too wide¬† for most of my ribbon. I found a TON of other fun stuff there, along with the new shelf. I think DI is now my new favorite store. haha, I seriously never thought I’d say that!!

Anyway, so, this week will be organizing central!! I have 2 rooms I need to get organized and finish putting them together. I’m going to be busy. What have I done today? Absolutely NOTHING!! *SIGH*

And the day is almost over!! What was I thinking?!! I really wasn’t. I spent the whole weekend mainly working on photography sessions, so I needed a break from working I guess.

Starting tomorrow, this is my plan for the week:

(Monday Night – Get bathroom countertop ready to do the granite painting. Paint on primer. If I feel up to it I am going to finish going through the kids’ toys and sorting out what they play with and what they don’t. I need to find a place for their little square table in the room.)

Tuesday – Finish painting granite on bathroom countertop. Clean up kids’ toy area. Move in cubby hole cubes and stock them. Hang up peg board underneath sewing shelves. Put away scrapbook paper. Organize pictures and scrapbooking stuff.

Wednesday – Organize sewing stuff. Finish organizing scrapbook stuff.

Thursday – Clean Bathroom. Paint beadboard and cupboard.

Friday – Continue organizing craft room.

There you have it. That’s my plan for the week. Sorry this post is so late. It’s been a weird day. LOL I better go get started on the bathroom countertop if I want to finish it before the kids go to bed!

Thanks for stopping by!! I hope you had a great Monday!


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