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Let’s Get Organized! ~ Week 19

I have decided that this is the week of PROJECTS! I have a ton of them and I’m going to get started on all of them this week! I probably won’t finish them all, but I want to get started on them at least. One of them in particular does NEED to get finished by Thursday or before.

I’m making up scrapbooks for the boys’ teachers and aids as their end of the year gift and I’m totally excited about them! I got all of Jonas’ classes photos taken last week and I’m thinking for Brynnan’s class I’ll use some of the pictures I’ve already taken. I’m not sure I have enough though so I might go in and take individual pictures of the kids.

I also have a bunch of stuff I need to make for my Etsy shop and I need to start advertizing more…. Not to mention that I haven’t even touched my sewing machine since my birthday:P I’m really annoyed with that, but it’s really my fault. I think I just psyched myself out that first night. I couldn’t tell if the tension was alright so I kept fiddling with it and now I don’t even remember what it looked like in the first place! lol so I just need to jump in and get going on it.

Day 1 – I will be working on the first project that needs to be done. I’m optimistic about it! I’m really looking forward to getting it going! And don’t worry, I’ll blog about it next week:) Buy Teacher appreciation gifts and put them together.

Day 2 – finish up the first project and make some fancy cards. Pin my jeans that I want to hem.

Day 3 – Hem my jeans and make some bows. Work on teacher scrapbooks.

Day 4 – Teacher scrapbooks and cards.

Day 5 – More cards and teacher scrapbooks. Print off scrapbook pages (I’m a digital scrapbooker, it’s SO much easier!! So all week I’ll be working on fixing up my pictures and pages on my computer and then print them off and put them in the books I have for the teachers. I’m going to decorate the books too with chipboard accents and things I’ve found on sale the past week.)

Notes: A lot of Birthdays in May so I gotta get at least 7 bday cards made!! Not to mention Mother’s Day cards and probably Father’s day cards too:) BUSY Week, Have fun!!

So there you have it. That’s my plan for the week. It’s not really an organizing plan, but at least I’m getting some things done! lol What is your plan for this week? What will you be organizing? Next week, I think I’ll do some paper clutter control!! I really need to! It’s taking over my kitchen table and my half wall coming down the stairs!! *SIGH*

Thanks for stopping by!!  I hope you have a great week!

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