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Let’s Get Organized ~ Week 25!!

Can you believe we’re already on Week 25??!! I can’t!! The last 2 weeks have been kind of crazy around here. I think I mentioned that my Grandma died so this past week I’ve been in San Diego with family. Despite the reason, it was a wonderful reunion. I haven’t seen most of my family for about 9 years! Isn’t that crazy?!!! Yeah, it is, so I’m going to drive back down there with my 3 boys during the summer and stay with Grandpa so we have more time to visit. I’m sure it will be a crazy drive, but we’ll get through it!

Anyway, how has your organizing been going? I hope well. This week I am dedicating my time to my craft area. I kind of just dumped everything from the farmer’s market on my desk and never put it away so it’s kind of crazy messy AGAIN!! I need to rearrange my shelves and make it more user friendly. I also am going to do the Farmer’s Market again this Saturday so I have a ton of projects I’m going to be working on for that.

I am also going to try to get back into my cleaning & daily schedule for the past couple months I have been slacking off and not sticking to my schedule at all. Having the kids home has been a little harder than I thought. I really want to get them into doing more chores and a better system down for them.

I have kind of reorganized how they play videos games. I didn’t want them to be playing them all day so the way we do it now is they have to earn 3 stars to play for 20 minutes. For each star they want to earn they have to do one chore. They’re usually the same every day; Make bed, put away clothes, clean room/play room. While I was gone Mark had Brynnan get a big trash bag and collect all the trashes from the bedrooms and bathrooms. I’m totally adding that one to my list every week!!

I have been kind of bad though, about keeping track of the 20 minutes, though. So, this week will be a little different and probably not my favorite week! But we’ll get through it:) So, here’s my daily list of organizing tasks:

Day 1: Clear of desk and find places for things that don’t belong there. Find a better way to organize ribbon!!! (My ribbon storage has been bothering me soooo much lately!! I can’t find the ribbon I want without making 5 of them come unraveled or fall off of the shelf!!! UGH!! I need to solve this problem!!)

Day 2: Reorganize shelves (I’m going to do as many as I can this day. Knowing me I’ll probably only get one done, but that’s ok!!)

Day 3: Continue shelf organization. If I have time I will carry out my ribbon storage solution, if I’ve come up with one by this day.

Day 4: Organize fabric stash!! It’s slowly taking over more space and I need to figure out something better for this!! This will probably mean reorganizing the two cube shelves I have sitting on the desk with my scapbooking paper and etc. in it.

Day 5: Finish organizing shelves and surrounding areas of my craft table.

My crafty tasks for this week are to finish making 20 bows, or more. Make a few cards and some stickers for my prices at the market.

Well, that’s it! That’s my plan for the week!! Wish me luck and I hope you have a great week organizing your home!!:)

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  1. My ribbon is totally unorganized, too. Hey, I need to come by and pick up my cards just for like half an hour today. My mom wants to buy some from me. And then I’ll bring the box back so you can take it to the farmer’s market on Saturday, if you still want to. I wish I could come and help again, but I’m going to be in Washington! I leave Thursday. Woot!

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