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Need Some Sewing Help

I’m horrible at making decisions in general, but give me a pattern that uses more than one fabric and I’m hopeless!!

I am testing out a new pattern for Seamingly Smitten and its a dress. I LOVE it!! I’m so excited to make it!

BUT I can’t decide on what fabric combinations to use. So, I have come here to ask your opinion. If you don’t see anything you like Please tell me!! 🙂








6 thoughts on “Need Some Sewing Help

  1. Ok I know just what you mean. I have a hard to combining fabrics and making a decision. I think I like the first or the last combo the best, but they really all work. The bigger flower prints are cute but might overwhelm depending on the size of the dress.

  2. I guess I get it from you then:) Thanks mom for your opinion. The last one was my favorite too, but I actually decided on the second one. I really liked the flower pattern with the chevron. I’ll post pictures when I finish.

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