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New Crafty Goals

Hello everyone!! How are you doing? I’m great… well, I’m hanging in there. lol We’re halfway through summer and I’m ready for school to start! How about you? It’s not like my kids are being really bad or anything. I’m actually enjoying most of the days we spend together. I’ve been trying to do more fun stuff with them. I just like the schedule that school gives us. I had an idea for a summer schedule, but I’ve just been so busy that we haven’t really stuck to a schedule this time.

Anyway, I wanted to set up a goal for myself for the summer with my scrapbooking and how many pages I wanted to accomplish, but like I said I’ve been so busy! I haven’t done ANY scrapbooking, or crafting, in the past MONTH! *SIGH* I’m so sad! I am really itching to sit down and scrapbook or at least make a card or something, but I can’t for about another week or so probably. I’m busy with my photography business and trying to keep my house clean and kids fed on top of that so there’s not any room for my creative fun time.

But, I’m surviving. I have been watching a lot of YouTube scrapbooking videos so I don’t feel like I don’t have any creative time in my days.

When I start scrapbooking again I’m going to make a new goal each month. I want to start getting more done each month as well as doing new things. I’ve been getting some fun new supplies like gesso and paints and stencils and I want to start using them!! They’ve just been sitting in a drawer and whenever I open it I think, ‘I need to use that!’ and then I never do.

I think life should slow down in September once the kids all start school. Tinian is hopefully going to be in preschool 4 days a week for about 2-3 hours so during those hours I’m going to scrapbook to my hearts content! I am still stuck in 2007 and my goal this year was to get through 2008. I don’t think that will happen! haha, but I can at least START 2008 by the end of the year! If I can do at least 1-2 page(s) a day, 4 days a week, I will definitely be able to get into working on the year 2008. Yay!

So, for now, you’ll have to wait for some crafty goodness. I’m sorry! I did post a mini scrapbook album I made on A Bird and A Bean last Saturday. You can head on over there to check it out. I’m making them for my boys and I want to start putting pictures in them soon so I’ll update my blog with pictures when I get a chance to do that.

Thanks for stopping by! Have a great Wednesday!


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