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Paper Easter Egg Kids Craft


Since the boys are on Spring Break this week I wanted to make sure they weren’t just sitting around watching TV all day, every day. I found a couple of crafts to make with them and spent some time getting one ready for them on Sunday. They sat down and did it individually yesterday and we’re all so excited about the outcome! It turned out really cute!

Here’s the original pin and the original post on I fell in LOVE with the idea immediately when I saw it on pinterest and last week when I was trying to figure out what crafts I could do with the kids this one seemed simple enough. I cut out all the strips of paper with my Silhouette. I could’ve just as easily done it with my paper cutter, but when you have a machine that will make multiple cuts at one time why not use that?!! 🙂 I also bought an Easter Egg shape off the Silhouette online store and used the outline of it to cut out the Easter Egg shape. _MG_8853


I laid out all the strips of paper and let the boys choose which colors and patterns they wanted on their egg.


Brynnan helped his little brother by gluing on the strips he picked out. It was sweet! 🙂


Sorry the egg isn’t in focus, but I couldn’t resist posting the picture anyway! Just LOOL at that cute face!!



Jonas was a MASTER at this project!! He was so careful to glue them on close to each other and it was so cute, he didn’t want to have his look like Brynnan’s, BUT he DID want his too look a little bit like Tinian’s!


Ta-Da! Jonas kind of had a Vanna White thing going on in this picture. I thought it was funny 🙂



The finished projects!


Once they were all dry, I cut the ends off so they wouldn’t hang over into the next eggs frame. I had a frame with a mat for 3 4×6’s so I decided to keep the mat and glue the eggs onto the white paper that came with the frame.


Here’s how it looks on the wall. My friends husband brough the painting on the bottom right back from China and gave it to us as a gift this last fall. Isn’t it GORGEOUS?!! It a finger painting done with pencil. Just amazing!!


These pictures are hung on the wall in the kitchen that head down the stairs. I’ve been wanting to put something there along with the finger drawing, but I haven’t had anything until now.


When you sit down at the table you stare right at it. The boys were so proud of it! They kept asking who’s egg was whose. In hind sight, I wish I had put the one on the left in the middle since the strips are kind of slanted and the other two aren’t, but oh well. You live and learn 🙂 (I would switch them around, but I glued them down to the paper so they wouldn’t move and I was putting them in the frame.)

What do you think? It was so easy to do! You don’t even need a Silhouette to do it, either! Just pull out your handy ol’ paper cutter and slice away. You can make the strips as big or as small as you want.

Thanks for stopping by!! Hope you have a GREAT Tuesday!

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    1. Yeah it looks like I’m a good mom, but the whole time during the craft they were actually watching TV:) and after the craft they watched for a while LOL.

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