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Pinterest Pick (Kind of)

I think I found a new sewing project I want to add to my list so I’ll have to bump something or just do more than 30. That would be awesome if I actually do finish all 30 projects and get to¬† 31!!:) I found it on Sew Can She and pinned it on my pinterest sewing board so I wouldn’t forget about it and lose the tutorial. I LOVE it!! I wish I had a little girl!!


Just adorable right??!! I mnight just have to make this first when I get home. I just can’t resist the cuteness!! I want to go fabric shopping… I NEED to!

What have you found recently on pinterest or a website/blog that you can’t resist? Share it with us!!:)

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2 thoughts on “Pinterest Pick (Kind of)

  1. Those are cute, cute, cute. Tell ya what – if you make one in Sadie’s size, I’ll buy it for her birthday. Her birthday is Aug. 31st. Whattaya say?

    1. Let’s do it!! When I get back from Cali lets go fabric shopping!! I love having someone specific to sew for!:) what size is she?

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