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Project Life

I am back today with a couple Project Life layouts that I did a month or so ago. I came up with a new Crafty Challenge for myself, back in October and I’ve been trying to keep up with it. I’m not doing so well… but I am trying and that’s what counts, right?!

Anyway, my goal is to finish scrapbooking the year 2007 (yes, that is how behind I am! Some people say they’re SO behind, when really, all they are behind is by a few weeks. I secretly laugh at how they think they’re behind. Oh, buddy, they have no idea what being behind means! LOL) and to scrapbook 31 Project Life layouts by my 31st birthday, which is April 29th.

I’m actually going to change it up a bit here today. Instead of only scrapbooking the end of 2007 and 31 Project Life layouts, I’m going to scrapbook up to my 2008 birthday. I can do it! I totally believe in myself! I’m currently scrapping pictures from October 2007 so that would roughly mean I need to do scrapbook about 4 pages a week. I have a TON of photos, I could be off and need to do more or less, but I haven’t sat down and calculated how many pages I will need to accomplish to get through all my photos to my birthday, so, I’m kinda guessing.

I guess I should move onto the reason you came by today, my Project Life layouts. I’m really excited to show you these. I am in LOVE with how they turned out:


This was the very first layout I made. I used the Honey Edition Project Life kit by Becky Higgins. I just LOVE this kit!! I had fun picking out the embellishments to go with the cards from the kit. My favorite part about this layout has to be the title. I love how I split it up between the 2 pages and switched the placement of the “day” part of the title to be on the bottom of the second layout.




Dont you just love that face?!! 🙂 The bottom middle is my fav. LOVE those chubby cheeks!


And here’s the second page I made, well, technically I guess it’s the third:) I like how simple this page is and the colors are so awesome!! These cards are from the Cinnamon Edition Project Life kit and I’m so glad I bought it!! I LOVE all the browns and greys!!

So, there you have it, my first two project life pages.  I think I’m hooked! I really love how easy it is, but it still looks so cute! I can’t wait to finish up with 2007 so I can scrapbook more Project Life layouts!

Thanks for stopping by! Have a Wonderful Wednesday! 🙂


3 thoughts on “Project Life

  1. I love your layouts. I don’t use Project Life but I’m thinking about doing it because it takes me about 15 hours just to do 1 layout. I’m also behind I’m at 2005 so don’t feel to bad.

    1. I wish it would take me less time to do a layout!! It takes me at least an hour to get a non project life layout done, probably closer to 15 hours like you! 🙂 Good luck getting into Project Life! It’s a lot of fun:)

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