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Sew in Tune ~ Super Hero Capes


I follow a blog called Melly Sews. She is an amazing seamstress! And I LOVE her patterns! Wish I had enough money to own them all and to make them all! 🙂 BUT I don’t so I make do with what I can afford hoping that someday I will have more time and money to devote to all the amazing designers I love.

Anyway, she is doing a series called Sew in Tune. Can you guess what it’s about? If you guessed sewing and music you are RIGHT! 🙂 More specifically, she wants us to be inspired by songs and create clothes for this series. I love the song ‘My Hero’ by the foo Fighters.

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Which I posted about here, and I’ve had super hero capes pinned on my pinterest page for quite some time so I decided to finally make them. The pattern provided over at My Own Road was a little too small for my older boys so I had to add some length to it, which was easy. I just inserted another sheet of paper between the two pieces I printed out and we were all good… until my husband pointed out that they were to skinny and not wide enough AFTER I had already cut out all the material. *SIGH* I guess we can’t always win at everything, right?

My boys did mention that they were small, but they got over it about 5 seconds later and have been enjoying fighting crime with REAL capes! Here they are to prove that I’m not making this all up:)





brynnan collage


jonas collage


So, what do you think?!! I’m happy that I made them! And really happy that the boys love them so much! Now I need to make one for my 2 year old because he wants to be exactly like his older brothers!! 🙂

I forgot to mention what material I used, she suggested using knit or old t-shirts. Well, I didn’t really have either of those in black and the boys were really set on black. I did have a TON of left over black fleece from Mark’s Christmas bean bag that I have yet to finish, so I decided to use that instead. It seemed a little harder to work with, because of it’s thickness, but overall I like how they turned out using the fleece.

Well, thanks for stopping by today!! I hope you’re having a wonderful Tuesday!! Come back tomorrow for a cute St. Patty’s outfit I put together over the weekend for a sweet little girl! 🙂


6 thoughts on “Sew in Tune ~ Super Hero Capes

  1. I remember my mom making capes for Tennyson and his cousin when they were little. They loved them. Not sure what happened to his those? I think it got lost in a move, but it was great- she used sheets. Boys love capes! Girls love capes too while we are at it! 🙂
    Great job! I love their initials and the shapes!

  2. Cute, Megs! Your boys are adorable. I’m glad they’re liking them, and that they can still reap the benefits from having a seamstress mom, even if they aren’t girls.

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