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Silhouette Saturday ~ Card Tutorial

(Wow, so I just got online now to check out some things before going to bed and I realized that I hadn’t published this post!! I REMEMBER hitting the publish button!! UGH! Sorry this is late, but I guess it’s still Saturday, right? hehe:)

Hello again! I’m glad to be back here again with a new Silhouette craft! I will be showing you how to create depth with your homemade cards.

First, I chose a shape (one of the frames that came in the Silhouette library) and the paper for the card. I wanted to create a card like this:

I found it on pinterest and followed the link to the Silhouette blog. I was really excited to create a cute little card. One of the ladies I visit teach just had a baby so I thought I could make a little congrats card for her:)

So, instead of buying the shape from the shop I just used a frame from their library in the Silhouette program.

The frame in the right corner is the one that I picked.

I opened it up and realized that it was the outline of the frame so I had to delete on of the lines already there. To do that you have to Ungroup and then Release the compound path. They’re both near the bottom of the selection box that pops up when you right click on your selected image.

Then you can separate the two “layers” or lines and delete one of them.

Then you’ll want to draw a line to create the dotted line so you can fold it. Find the middle point, which is the point where the green circle is at the top of the selected shape. Go over to the left of the program with all the icons. You can see that I have selected the slanted line. Go back to the middle and hold the shift key and drag your line to the other side.

To create the dotted line you select the line you just made by clicking on it, ex. 1. Ex. 2 is the line styles button and will bring up the menu you see on the left side. click the dotted like you want, big or small and your straight line will now be dotted! It’s that easy!

Send the pattern to your silhouette and cut it out. You can see the cut shape on the bottom left of the picture above. Then I wanted to cut out a smaller piece to right congrats on.

And there it is, the font I used was League Gothic.

Peel it up from the mat.

Now all you do is add it to your card:

I glued it to the brown normal size card because it didn’t really stand up well . I wanted the congrats paper layer to stand out so I used my handy dandy pop dots. They’re an off brand so I don’t remember what they’re called.

And that’s that! I really LOVE using my Silhouette!! There is so much you can do with it! I have some more things I want to do this weekend with it so I’ll be back next week. Maybe I’ll do a showcase of a whole bunch of projects. It depends on how well I use my time today. wish me luck!:)

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