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Silhouette Saturday ~ Vinyl

I am excited to have another post in this series. I wanted to use the vinyl I had gotten with the Cameo, so I did an easy project a couple days after Christmas. The boys have a plastic bin in their room on their bookshelf for library books we get from the school. I had labeled it with my label maker but I though using the vinyl would be fun and cute.

So, I pulled out my vinyl and cut off a little bit and put it on the mat and loaded it up:





then it started working.


Here it is all finished on the mat.




I decided to use the outline instead of the letters because the ‘s’ got stuck and all messed up.


I had to carefully pick out the middle of the letters to put in the outline.


Then really smooth them on. vinyl9


I tried cutting it out again with just the vinyl paper to see how that worked. It went well and I didn’t loose the ‘s’ this time:)





I cut out the area around my words and peeled off the outside vinyl. I was left with the words, and a few of the insides:P I cut out some of my transfer paper I got with my Cameo and smoothed it over the vinyl letters like the above picture.


I pulled off the sheet of paper that was on the back of the vinyl paper and the words stuck to the transfer paper great!:)


Then I transferred the words over to the bin and smoothed it all down with a hard object.


And TADA! there I have my words on the bin! It was a little stressful getting them to stay down. I think the letters were too thin and then mix that with the texture of the bin and it wasn’t wanting to stick well.

So, I decided to do a thicker text and used that:


I lost the ‘a’ somewhere between transporting the bin back to it’s spot and my desk so I just scrapped that handwriting. I am really happy with the results!!:


It looks so fun and exciting sitting on the shelf now. Am I wierd? lol

And because I’m so weird and I can’t waste anything I had to put the outline on the side:


And I kept the first outline on the back, in case we want to change it up a bit:)


SO That is my first vinyl project with my Cameo. I love it!! I can’t wait to do more! I have a love of ideas so I really need to get them all organized and figure out what I’m going to do next! Thanks for stopping by! I hope to see you again! Let me know what you think.

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