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Sneak Peak

Here’s a sneak peak into what I am making:

I’m really excited about it!! I’m leaving to go visit my mom on Wednesday and she’s a sewing pro, so I’m hoping to finish it and get her help while I’m there. I want to finish it before we leave on the 28th. Wish me luck!!

Also, I found that something I could decorate with a Chevron pattern:

Remember that old headboard I got for free? Well, I ended up painting it white so we could use it for our family pictures and then we changed up what we did. Mark didn’t really like the headboard anyway so we never put it in our room. It’s still sitting out in the garage. I thought I could get some tape and paint a chevron pattern on it and then sell it. I think it still needs another coat of paint, but I’ll wait until it gets a lot warmer outside to do that.

So there’s some eye candy for you! Now you just have to wait to see the finished projects!:)

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