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Super Saturday

Last Saturday was my wards Super Saturday. I’ve lived in this ward for 2 and a half years and I think this is the first time they’ve ever done this. I was excited!! I signed up to do 3 things and would’ve LOVED to do more, but I was on a budget. Here’s what I made:


1- rice bag for headaches and pains

2- decorated journals

4- hair bows


This rice bag was actually really easy to make!! I was very overwhelmed when I saw that I had to be the one to sew it. I thought someone else would be there to do it for me. Hahaha!! There was a lady there that helped me know what to do. I sewed the outside case for the bag and then the rice bag itself and then put the rice in it. That proved to be the hardest part of all!:P But we got it filled and I was very proud of myself that I did it all. Even though it’s probably the easiest sewing you can do:)


I had so much fun making these bows!! I have 3 boys so I don’t have a use for them, but I’ve been contemplating opening up an Etsy shop so I think making these bows has inspired me to do that. I’ll let you know more information about that soon.


I decided to make the ricrac stretch over the button from the back instead of having it just tie around it. It didn’t want to stay tied so that was a better solution.


And here’s the back of that one.

So that is that. I have been really busy lately, but I wanted to get on and show you this fun stuff that I did. I’ve been working on some other crafts and things so hopefully I’ll get them finished up and posted next week.

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