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Tune-in Tuesday on Friday ~ Winter PJ’s

NOTE: I wrote this post on Tuesday and I swear I posted it, but apparently I didn’t. SOOOOOooooo, here it is today:)


Hello! How is your day going so far? I’ve been busy playing and not cleaning like I should be. We had a snow day yesterday so I played all day long and didn’t do any cleaning and I just can’t get out of that mode again today! *SIGH*

BUT, I got a little sewing done earlier and now I need to kick my but into high gear to get some cleaning done before Tinian needs to eat lunch and goes down for his nap. I hate cleaning while he’s napping, I don’t know why. Maybe because that’s my ME time and cleaning is the worst!! Who wants to clean when you have a few hours to yourself??!! 🙂 Although, I do have tons of laundry folding to do, which I might have to do that instead of sewing some more like I want to:P I guess I can turn on netflix and enjoy it a little…. we’ll see…

Anyway, From now on I’m going to have Tuesday be my weekly organizing recap day. So, I’ll go over what I did or didn’t do the week before. Since last week I didn’t do anything, today I’ll be talking about my 30 sewing projects and how I’m coming along with those.

I’m actually really excited about sewing this week! I finished sewing Brynnan’s winter pj’s this morning (Tuesday) because he has been bugging me literally every day about 10 times a day to finish them. I buckled down and got ‘er done this morning while Tinian played with toys. Yay! Here’s the finished project:



I had to improvise with the cuffs on the sleeves because I made the pj’s too small. My kids measured as a size 6 but they probably need a size 7 or 8. I haven’t decided if I’m going to make these same pj’s for Jonas yet. If I do I’ll definitely make them bigger so he can wear them more than once!! I’m afraid Brynnan won’t fit in these after a few more washes, even though I washed the fabric before I sewed. Also, in my opinion, the cuffs were too small for a size 6 anyway. My kids are size 6, but they don’t fit in this size. The reason you see the zigzag stitch is because I needed to hem the cuffs but if I folded them over the way the pattern called for the sleeves would’ve definitely been too small!! So, that’s where the improvising came in:)


The zipper was not my friend on  this sewing project!! It was the hardest part of all! It might possibly be the reason why I don’t ever make this pattern again. Also, the feet were so hard and annoying.


And here’s my VERY willing and excited model:) Brynnan didn’t care about how imperfect the pj’s are!! He wore them for 3 nights straight because he loved them so much!!



Isn’t he just the cutest??!

It is so far from perfect, but at this point, I just don’t care!! I did so many things wrong while making this that I am nervous to try the pattern again! I might be able to talk Jonas into normal pj’s…. we’ll see. He has already informed me that he does NOT want the same fabric for his pj’s as Brynnan has, so now I have to find some wintery fleece fabric he’ll be happy with. Maybe I’ll take him to the store with me and just let him pick something out. That would make life easier and hopefully save me from a fight!!

I am ALMOST finished with my husbands Snorlax bean bag chair!! All I have left to do is attach the arms and feet and make the head attached a little sturdier. The bean bag filling is all stuffed inside the bag and I just have to add velcro to the outside and close it up after I’m done with the feet and arms. I’m SOOOO excited to be done!! I’ll dedicate a whole post to it once it’s all finished. My goal is to work on it every night this week so I can have it finished by Saturday and post about it next wednesday! Yay!! Wish me luck!!

Since I last posted about my sewing projects to do list, I have changed it some more. I really was hoping that would be my last and final copy, but, alas, it’s not! Here’s the new and improved sewing projects list:

30 Sewing Projects Before I Turn 30

1. Aviator hat for Jonas

2. Aviator hat for Brynnan

3. Aviator hat for Tinian

4. Bean bag frogs for Jonas

5. Bean bag frogs for Brynnan

6. Bean bag frogs for Lynn

7. Lil Gentleman’s suit

8. Snorlax bean bag chair

9. Tie for Brigham

10. Burp Cloths

11. Scrap tutu for Vday

12. Hopscotch top for Vday

13. Winter PJ’s for Jonas

14. Winter pj’s for Brynnan

15. Sock Monkey

16. Valentine’s Day Sew Along Dress

17. Diaper & wipe carrier

18. Messenger Bag

19. 3 Tiered Ruffle Skirt

20. Tooth brush & tooth paste Travel case

21. Ruffles Galore Play & Party Pants

22. Maxi skirt for me

23. Teacher Aprons

24. Teacher Aprons

25. Teacher Aprons

26. Tooth Fairy Pillow

27. Car Trash bag

28. Doll Shoes

29. Doll Clothes

30. DIY Ironing Board

The projects in red are new ones I just added this time around. I’m participating in the Learn to Sew series over at Crazy Little Projects for the next 6 weeks and I’m also testing out a new pattern & doing a Sew Along this week so I’m going to be able to knock out 2 of the red projects this week. Woohoo! Plus, I will hopefully cross of the bean bag chair to get my total projects needing to finish by April 29th to only 19 left to do after this week! Woohoo!! I’m slowly getting there!! And it’s been a lot of fun doing it too!

Well, thanks for stopping by!! I hope you’ll be back tomorrow. I haven’t looked that far ahead yet, but I have tons of projects to blog about! It’ll be a fun surprise for all of us!:)

3 thoughts on “Tune-in Tuesday on Friday ~ Winter PJ’s

  1. I found your site from the Talking about Thursday hop! Your little boy is so cute and I think the PJ’s look good! I have always hates zippers!

    You are doing a good job on your list!

    I am now following you and look forward to seeing what else you create!

    Cynthia at

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