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Valentine’s Day Scrap Tutu


Hello Friends! It’s been a while since I’ve done a pinterest pick and I have wanted to make one of these scrap tutu’s I found on pinterest for over a year now. I finally sat down and made 2 of them last weekend. They turned out SO much cuter than I thought they would. When I started making the first one I was kind of leery about how it would look once I finished. It had seemed like a really cute and easy process, but the knot tying tripped me up a bit and mine didn’t look that cute unfinished. Two of the fabrics I chose to use weren’t as long as the other and it made it a little difficult to keep things even, but once it was all finished it didn’t matter and I actually like having 3 different lengths.


Here are some in the process pictures:


I used 3 different fabrics. Mine is actually not a “scrap” quilt per se because I didn’t have any Valentine’s Day fabric, so I went to JoAnn’s and picked out fabrics that looked good together. It was SO hard to narrow it down to 3, but since I’m not made of money I couldn’t buy all of the fabrics I wanted.

Anyway, I cut my strips a little over 2 inches wide and like I said, the length varies, from 22 , 21, and 18 inches. I used my pinking shears so the edges of the fabric won’t fray as they’re washed over time.


Here are all the pieces I cut out with the elastic on top.


I sewed the ends together on the elastic. I have 3 boys and no girls so in order to get the right size for the elastic I opened up a girls dress pattern and took the elastic size from that. If you have a daughter you’re making this tutu for you can measure her waist and then minus a few inches to give the elastic room to stretch.


I used a slip knot to tie the pieces onto the elastic and since I’m horrible with knowing which knot is which, I had to look up how to do it on YouTube. I folded each scrap in half to make it easier to tie, but that was just my preference. You could also cut them in 1 inch pieces if you want the scraps to be smaller.


It took about 20-30 minutes to tie this 12 month scrap tutu. I did it while watching Modern Family, I think I might have an addiction with crafting and watching that show:)


Here are some close ups.


I absolutely LOVE the pink and grey heart fabric! I only bought half a yard and used it all for this skirt and a smaller one. I am totally contemplating going back to buy more to have for my fabric stash.


This tutu is a size 3-6 months. I didn’t have enough of the pink heart fabric to go around the whole skirt so I had to cut up a non-valentine themed fabric quarter and tied those in every 5th position.


I thought it turned out pretty good with the non theme fabric in there.


A friend of mine that lives a few streets over has a baby girl and I asked her if it would be ok to use her baby as a model for this adorable tutu. She was so excited about it and it was SO much fun!! Happy babies are so EASY to take pictures of!! Here are a few pictures of her little girl wearing the skirt.


Isn’t she SO adorable?!!!



I love this picture, even though she looks so serious. I think these kinds of pictures are sometimes better than the smiling ones.


And I just had to include this one too. Haha! I also love funny face pictures. 🙂

So, what do you think of this fun and easy DIY scrap tutu? It took me a total of 2 Modern Family episodes to finish these and I think that’s only because I got side tracked by watching and forgot to keep working. It’s a problem for me. I like to watch TV while I fold laundry and it often takes me a whole hour episode to finish folding one load. Oops!

If you would like to buy the 12 month or the 3-6 month tutu’s you can buy them over at my Etsy Shop. If you enter the code Vdaytutu you will get 20% off your order now until Valentine’s Day! Don’t wait until it’s too late! 🙂

Thanks for stopping by! I’ll be back tomorrow with a cute wall decor idea. Have a great Thursday!


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