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Watcha Craftin’ ~ Halloween Canvas & Vinyl Sign

I started writing this post on Wednesday and never finished it. I think that is why a lot of bloggers write their posts in advance and schedule them on the day they want. Life interrupts my blogging all the time! I should be used to that by now and be more prepared, but at least I’m here to bring it to you today:)

So, here I am finally! I want to share a cute Halloween canvas decoration I made a couple weeks ago. It didn’t work out as I had hoped BUT it still turned out cute:)

I bought some 8×8 canvas blocks a while ago to use for making decorations, I think that was back in February!! I never got around to using them so I decided to use one of them for this project. I found a cute halloween printable at a linky party and just HAD to use it!! It was even more usable than I thought because it came with a Silhouette Studio file already made! woohoo!:)

Totally CUTE, right??!! I knew instantly when I saw it that I had to use it!:)

I picked out an orange-ish craft paint and got to work painting that canvas.

I ended up mixing the orange color with red because it was more yellow than orange. This is the finished color. It turned out great!:)

Don’t you just love how much paint gets wasted in the brushes? UGH! That’s the one thing I hate about painting.

I let the canvas dry overnight. The next day I had my silhouette cut out the printable file out of black canvas I had on hand.

I learned the hard way that transferring vinyl onto painted canvas is not meant to be. I don’t know if it’s the canvas itself, or the paint and the canvas, but it didn’t work. I had to peel off the vinyl from the transfer tape and fix it on the canvas by hand. NOT an easy task with a swirly design like this frame!! I got so frustrated that I had to stop and didn’t look at it again for days!

finally, a few days later, I got tired of it taking up needed space on my craft table so I bared my teeth and got to work with my modge podge.

My hubby was taking the pictures so of course he had to sneak in a picture of me doing the task. 🙂

I painted on modge podge like there was no tomorrow. I wanted to make sure the vinyl would stay put!!:)

And here’s the finished project!!

I’m very happy with how it turned out. It does look a little bit more yellow in the picture than in real life. Just picture it a darker orange!:)

Do you like my Halloween “mantel” ? Its actually our coat hanger that has a bench on it. I think I’ve showed it to you before. Well, I love to put my holiday decorations on it. I bought that cute little “BOO” ghost decor at Desseret book for only $7. And Brynnan made the paper pumpkin at therapy last week:) I think we’ve had that witch for about 8 years! My son was in the hospital for a week after being born so we were there on and before halloween. I think my husband’s uncle gave it to us. It’s got a lot of memories attached to it so I like to keep it around:)

This is about the extent of my halloween decorating. I’ve been so busy with side projects around the house that I haven’t felt like decorating much for the holiday. And I’m ok with it. I think my kids are kind of sad, but they’re living through it:)

Well, thanks for stopping by!! I hope you had a great week!!

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  1. Thanks JoAnn, Aubry, Kar and Rachelle! I would love to make crafts for anyone who wants them. you just gotta send me some dough! I don’t have enough! LOL

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