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Whatcha Craftin’

Well, I was sick yesterday and I still don’t feel 100% today so I’m going to do a quick post. I haven’t been very busy with crafting since I got home from my second honeymoon on Sunday. And my organizing hasn’t been going exactly how I planned, Does it ever??!! LOL I couldn’t reach the tree box so that is still sitting up in my living room for me to take down today since I was sick yesterday. I need to gather up all the lights from outside and then I’ll be all done with taking down Christmas.

I did make a card for my nephew yesterday though. Did I take a picture of it?! Of course I did…. NOT!! *SIGH* I even thought about how I wanted to take a picture before I put it in the envelope, but I got distracted by having the kids sign it and draw their cousin a picture that I ended up not taking one:P SO, today you won’t be getting any pictures. I am still working on the Snorlax bean bag chair for Mark. I’m getting close to finishing. I just have to go to Joann’s after Mark gets off work to get the last bit of fabric for the inside and I need to buy the bean bag filling. Walmart was out of it today so I’ll check Sam’s club. They might have a better deal anyway.

Oh, I did sew the colored part of the foot onto the white part to make sure it would stay on. I like the finished look it gives it:



I am going to cut out the bean bag pattern on white muslin fabric and use it as the inside bean bag. That way if we need to wash the outside of the bean bag we can just take the inside out and wash the outside.


Once I’m done with putting it all together I’ll sew a Velcro strip onto the bottom of the bag for easy removal of the inside bag.

I am also doing the Learn to Sew Series Challenge over at Crazy Little Projects. She just posted the first post & project this week:


Burp cloths. They’re pretty easy and I’m excited to get it done! Go check it out! You can join the group too and learn some stuff along the way:)

Thanks for stopping by today! Hopefully I’ll have more going on next week!:)

5 thoughts on “Whatcha Craftin’

  1. That will be fun when it’s finished, eh? Love those burp cloths- super cute!
    Get well! It’s okay if the decorations stay up a little longer- you need to get better!

  2. The burp clothes look like the ones I’ve been making for my friends lately but I don’t remember what site I found them on. Everyone loves them! I like to use flannel because it is softer.

  3. Rachelle, I remember you making those burp cloths when I was there visiting! I think I did a post on it here!:) I’ll have to check it and see if you remembered the site you got it from back then.

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