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Whatcha Craftin’


I’m on top of things today, for once, an early morning blog post!!:) Woohoo!

I FINALLY made the boys their Halloween shirts last week, on Friday! *SIGH*  I’m just not feeling the Halloween spirit this year. I don’t know why. But, anyway, I decided I wanted to do a sewing project and one that I could finish during naptime so T-shirts it was:) It took a little longer than naptime, but only because I decided to make Jonas’ a little harder than it needed to be.

Brynnan wanted a pumpkin face. “A normal pumpkin face” is what he asked for specifically:) So, that’s what I gave him:

A bright orange shirt with black pumpkin features. He LOVED it!! His was the easiest to make. (Don’t you love this picture? It’s so Brynnan I just couldn’t resist showing it off:) He’s my fun loving kid and it’s wonderful!)

He’s so full of spunk, don’t you just love it?!

I didn’t get one normal smile from this kid, but these pictures are just as great. They show me who he is. And that he loves his Halloween shirt:) I bought his a size too big since I was making it so late and he’d only get to wear it once. I hope he doesn’t grow too much in the next year!!

My big 8 year old! I decided to do bats because I thought it would be easy, well, ok not easy, but I thought it would be easier than other things. I should’ve just done a ghost! lol

Jonas’ favorite color is purple so I was browsing the shapes on Silhouette’s online store and found a bunch of cute bat shapes. I remembered that I got a free bat shape at the beginning of the month so I decided to just use that. I copied it from Silhouette and pasted it in a new document in Photoshop, then printed it out and cut out the shape to use as my template. I found an old dark purple shirt of mine that I save just for this purpose and cut out a small section. I cut out the shapes and ironed on some Heat ‘n Bond stuff so they would stay put exactly where I wanted them to. I did a close zigzag stitch around both bats. It took soooo long! I’m glad I used the shape I did because the other ones I was looking at buying online had a LOT more detail!! YIKES!

Such cute boys! And I’m happy with how their shirts turned out. Even though Jonas’ was the hardest I think his is my favorite:)

I had some left over black material with the Heat ‘n Bond on it still so I mad a little pumpkin face on the bottom right of the back of Brynnan’s shirt. I thought it added a little fun touch. I didn’t feel like sewing it on so we’ll see how long the Heat ‘n Bond can keep it holding onto the shirt:)

Thought this picture was funny!:)

There you have it, my last Halloween craft for this year 🙂 I’m happy and sad at the same time. There’s always next year, right?

What have you been working on? Leave a link so we can come show you some love!! Thanks for stopping by! Hope you have a HAPPY HALLOWEEN!

2 thoughts on “Whatcha Craftin’

  1. Those are so cute, Megs!! You are so ambitious. And you always make holidays so special for your kids. They will always remember that and love you for it.

  2. Oh they turned out great! I love them both- Brynnan’s shirt is so classic, but the purple bats look awesome on the black- like throw back Bat Man or something!
    I made Lauren a Red Riding Hood cape. I still have to get a picture of her in it, as well as the 1920’s dress we made for drama camp this summer! I had to make Libby a slip for her costume too. I did that Yesterday. I am so glad I didn’t put it off until today because it took longer than I thought it would. I still haven’t hemmed the bottom, but it’s hiding behind the ruffle, so I might not bother for now. It’s just made from a white sheet that we had leftover for the lining of Lauren’s cape. The outside of Lauren’s cape is from a red sheet we had and didn’t use really anymore. All of it is made up. I know I make more work for myself that way. I think I need to learn some basic stuff like how to properly make a waistband and line something. If I’d pull out a pattern someday I might learn, but I just end up winging pretty much everything. I figure eventually I’ll learn the proper way… I have so many patterns I’d like to actually use. I just need the right material and motivation!

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