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Whatever Wednesday ~ Valentine’s Day Argyle Wreath

I wanted to do an easy craft last Friday and I clicked on a link in a link party for a Valentine’s day wreath. I already had what I needed for it so I decided I was  going to make it.

This is what you’ll need:

* A ring of some sort, I used a pool noodle because it’s what I had

* Yarn

* 2 colors of felt

* a heart stencil

* scissors

I taped the two ends of the pool noodle together.

I tied the yarn on.

I sat down at the computer to watch a TV show and got to work. I found it was easiest to hold it in between my legs and pass the yarn under and then over it, switching hands.

It took a while to finish it. I would get caught up in my show and forget to keep going, LOL. Here it is once I finished with the yarn.

I cut out the heart shape with my handy dandy silhouette and traced it onto the felt I was using. Then I cut out the hearts. I positioned them on the wreath how I wanted them and then glued them on.

I got busy after this part and didn’t finish it until Monday.

To do the argyle look I just left the yarn still attached, I didn’t cut it off before putting the hearts on. I glued all the hearts on and just wrapped it in one direction, then the other. I started with all the red hearts and then went on to the white and then finished with the white and then the red. It was really easy!

I decided to hang it on the door with some ribbon. I hot glued the off white ribbon on the bottom and than thought it needed a more valentiney touch so I added the velvet ricrac. I glued the ricrac to the ribbon so it would stay put and then tied a bow at the top. I had to hang it on the door with the loop of the bow because the ribbon was to big to keep it on the nail. It worked out really great and I LOVE it!!

So I finished one of the crafty things I wanted to do this week. What have you done that you want to share?

Thanks for stopping by! Hope you have a wonderful Wednesday!!

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7 thoughts on “Whatever Wednesday ~ Valentine’s Day Argyle Wreath

  1. Really cute. I does take forever to wrap it with yarn, doesn’t it?!?
    Thanks for being a part of the oldie’s party. excited to have you co-host next week!

  2. I love the argyle look! I want to make another one, but it just takes so long to wrap them in yarn. LOL Thanks for stopping by guys! 🙂

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