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DIY Headboard

I’m trying to figure out a cheap way to make our own headboard. We don’t have much to work with. My husband has some left over plywood that would work. I’m thinking that these are some ideas that I like:


All we would need for this one is paint and tape. We wouldn’t make it as tall and we might actually do horizontal pieces instead of vertical.

This one would get pricey because we don’t have a shelf we aren’t using AND we’d have to buy a cusion. Except, we do have two old cushions from our table chairs we could use that would work. I just might want to spruce them up with some new fabric.

This idea is SIMPLE!! It’s ply wood with a foam pad and fabric around it. It seems so easy so I might be leaning more towards this one. I’m a DIY novice so the easier the project is, the better!!

What do you think about these ones? I really like the idea of using a door, but we don’t have an extra door to use, unfortunately. Shutters are also a cool idea, but again, none to use:P Give me any ideas or send me any pictures you think I’d like megan at meganblethenphotography dot com.

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  1. my first headboard was acctually the fabric covered wood version. And I know that you said you didn’t have a door laying around…well you can pick up a flat panel door for around $20…they aren’t very expensive.

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