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Doing Laundry

What is it like at your house? Everyone’s strategy is different. Mine has changed as our family grows bigger. I’m sure it will keep changing as my children grow older. I can’t wait for the day that they can help and not make a mess in the process! I used to put away their clothes. Their drawers were so nicely organized. I decided earlier this year that they’re old enough to put their clothes away themselves. Now their drawers are a huge mess. They have to spend time digging around to find anything, but you know what? I’m ok with that now. I need to learn to let those things go. And I am.

I try to keep my laundry schedule the same each week, but it differs by what is going on each day. I usually can stay pretty close to the schedule I have set up. This is what it looks like:

Monday- Boys clothes & bedding

Tuesday- Mine and Mark’s bedding

Wednesday- Boys clothes

Thursday- Towels (This is actually a free day. If I need to wash towels I do. If I need to wash other stuff I do that.)

Friday- Boys clothes

Saturday- M&M’s clothes, towels, whites, blankets

So that’s my wonderful week in Laundry. It doesn’t always go smoothly and I NEVER fold it the same day I wash it, usually. Let’s take yesterday for example. I washed the boys clothes, but then I had to run Tinners to the doctor so I didn’t start the boys’ bedding. I knew I’d forget to finish it if I started it. Then it wouldn’t get dry by bed time and I’d be in BIG trouble!! I made one smart decision yesterday:)

This morning I washed the boys’ bedding

and some towels because Tini (my 14 month old) threw up his milk last night. Yuck! I did that in it’s own load. I planned on doing 4 loads today. The boys have a lot of light weight blankets so I usually do a load for those separate, which you can see above in the picture. Very exciting stuff! lol

I was going to wash my bedding, but I got it all together and took a picture and it is still sitting upstairs on my bed waiting to be washed. After dinner I will most likely just end up remaking my bed and putting it on my to do list for tomorrow. See what I mean about every day is different? No matter what I do to keep it the same and get everything done my plans don’t always work out. I wish my husband understood that more!!

I recently went to my in-laws NEW home, which is not entirely new, but it’s new to them and I think built in the last 5 years. It’s GORGEOUS!!! I’m totally in love with it! My favorite part? Was seeing how she had everything set up. I loved admiring her laundry room whice was all finished and she had just painted the walls a pretty light blue. She has 2 cupboards and then some shelves that she had Dad put up. And of course there were bins to organize everything. I NEED to get my laundry room organized!! I was going to focus on other aspects of my home in my new found desire to organize my home, but I think I want to get my laundry room under control. I’ve been saying this for the past 2 and a half years that we’ve lived here and I’ve done bits of it here and there, but I never FINISH it all the way.

SO my goal for the month of October is to organize my laundry room. Here are some pictures of the before:

This is the entry. The furnace is off to the left there and then I have my shelves with food and cleaning supplies etc. Like I said it’s not very organized so they’re all mixed together.

Shelves with food storage and boxes and cleaning supplies and who knows what else is in here!!

I absolutely LOVE the built in shelves!! I just need to organize them better! I want to get bins and some of those can consolidator things. We’ll see. I imagine I will have to give plasma a bunch before I have enough play money to do anything with!:P

And here is the wonderful area where my washing and drying goes on. It’s ugly. I know. I’m working on it.

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3 thoughts on “Doing Laundry

  1. You have so much room and potential in there! I have started using diaper boxes for uniform storage. With everything the same size (I cut off the flaps of the box) it helps make things look neat. I even bought some dollar store patterned kraft paper to cover the logos. Nice to have a temporary (free) solution. I have the same problem with kiddos putting away laundry. I’ve tried putting labels on their drawers, but it hasn’t helped. My five are 16 to 3years and I can say it does get better.

  2. Hi! Thanks for the post on my blog 🙂

    You have so much room!! AND endless opportunities in this room.
    Do you have Michaels? Joanns? Another fabric store in your town? You totally could find some fabric and use leftover diaper boxes and cover them in fabric to help get those shelves organized. Or you can use the clear plastic bins and put vinyl on them so you can see what’s in them. Paint the room a fun, bright color (maybe even the floor too!) and I think you’ll have a room you love in no time!!!

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