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Fashion Friday

Ok, I’m really upset with wordpress right now!!! I keep writing this post and it keeps getting deleted everytime I publish it. I might have to just come back later….

Third times a charm… Hair. I actually did my hair this morning. I was tired of looking Blah:

Just so BLAH

I remembered a pin I saw on my favorite place in the world and thought I’d attempt to make my hair look as gorgeous. (You’ll have to go look at the link to see the picture. I think it’s that picture that is giving my post problems with posting.)

I doubled up some loops from a section of my hair

Then I used my straightener to get the wavey beach look

And Voila!!

I like the look with my headband. Yeah, it didn’t turn out as gorgeous as the woman on pinterest, but it will do for only 10 minutes of work!

What hair styles have you tried out lately? link us up so we can see!

Thanks for stopping by! I hope you have a wonderful weekend!


1 thought on “Fashion Friday

  1. That’s cool! I’ve never seen beachy waves made that way before. What I’ve been doing with my hair lately – nada. Pulled back. Every day. Just one of those weeks. Or months. Or years. Or lifetimes. 🙂

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