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Fashion Friday ~ sunglasses

Happy Friday everyone!! This week has gone by way too quickly!! Have I been cleaning and organizing my piles? HA!! That’s a GOOD question… I won’t dignify it with an answer because I’m sure you can guess what it is lol:)

Today I thought we’d talk about Sunglasses because I’ve been in need of new ones for over a month now and I bought some at Walmart for $15. They seemed like they would last a long time, but I had them for only a week and they broke while I was holding them in my hand! I might’ve hit them against my bag or something, but that really shouldn’t have broken them!! I was annoyed!:P

Well, Mark and I went to the mall this week and decided to buy me some glasses. I know the style right now is the big round sunglasses look, but I’ve never really liked it. They might look good on SOME people, but not on me, at all! I look like a bug, with huge eyes!! lol Maybe my head is just too small for them, I don’t know. I tried on a bunch of them and they all just looked WRONG!!

I settled on a small pair and I’m in love with them now.

I wasn’t sure about how much I liked them when I bought them, but they were only $7 so I didn’t feel like I was making a huge mistake.

I didn’t like the bling at first, but now I think it adds something fun to the glasses:) I’m not a huge fan of bling in the first place so when there is a minimal amount I think I tolerate it better. Some of the glasses we looked at were covered in it!! That’s just too crazy for me!!

Let’s take a look at some of those bug eye glasses so you can get an idea of what I’m talking about:)

All I can say is WOW! Those are some big glasses!:)

I like this picture of Jessica Alba, but it is severely photoshoped!!! I’d like to see the original. I’m sure it looks better. But that’s just my opinion. I think people like her are probably the only ones that look good in anything.I love her earrings in the picture!:)

Notice how most of these are pictures of celebs? Weird. lol

Personally, I love these ones Jennifer Aniston is wearing. They don’t look too big or too small for her face. Just perfect. Wish I looked like that at least once a week! hehe:)

What’s your opinion on sunglasses? Do you wear big or small or medium? What do you think people look good in? I’d love to hear your opinion or fashion advice on this topic.

And to get your weekend started off right I have a song to share with you. It reminds me of being in high school and how carefree life used to be back then. It makes me just want to dance and sing and have fun. I think it’s my new favorite song. I feel silly and giddy when I listen to it. We need a little bit of that in our lives as moms:) Have fun listening!! hehe

Thanks for stopping by!!

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2 thoughts on “Fashion Friday ~ sunglasses

  1. love that sooong!!! i know its a boy band, but, who cares :O) also, im with you. im more for the size glasses ur wearing. i think big glasses look cute on some people, but you really need that certain face to pull it off. and i like the little sparkle on your glasses. its the right amount to look dressed up, but still ok to wear with sweats. i miss sunglasses. i have glasses that turn shaded with the sun, but in pics it looks horrible! you can still see my eyes so it looks odd. sighhh, i need contacts again.

  2. That song always makes me so happy when I hear it. I like to sing along to the part that says, “So c-come on. You’ve got it wrong.” I’m a dork. I’m loving the huge sunglasses look, but I haven’t found any I like. I used to have some that looked like Clark Kent sunglasses. They had pink instead of brown in the glasses part. They were so cute. If I could find some cat eye ones, I would soooooooo buy them. I’ve got some similar to yours.

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