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Make Your Bed Monday

Hello!!! How was your weekend? I hope better than mine. Saturday was ok, we went to the pumpkin patch with some friends, but Sunday was horrible. We’re sick with the cold and sore throat:P No fun at all! But today we’re feeling a little bit better so we’ll see how this week goes.

I wanted to start this week off with something fun… Do you consider making your bed fun?

LOL Truthfully it’s not that much fun, BUT, it’s the one thing that I do every day that stays made up until we go to sleep.  I feel more accomplished and organized if I’ve made my bed in the morning. I haven’t always felt this way. My husband and I have been married for almost 9 years and I think out of those years I’ve made the day MAYBE a total of 365 days. That’s not a good running total for 9 years! When I started getting into organizing and being a better housewife a couple months ago I decided that making the bed was an important thing for me to do each day. It is one of my daily chores. It is also one of my kids’ daily chores.

Did you have to make your bed every day when you were growing up? That was one of Mark’s chores, but I don’t really remember doing it growing up at home. I do remember yelling at my mom that I think it’s stupid to have a clean house for guests and that when I was older I was never going to clean when people were coming to visit. Haha! Isn’t it so funny how things change?:)

What’s on your To Do List for today? Here’s mine:

*Laundry- Wash Boys clothes and bedding, Fold what I washed on Saturday


*Blog- Make my bed post & family trip to Boise

*Patch holes in 3 pairs of pants and one shirt and sew button back onto Mark’s shorts

*Pick up dog poop

*Call Mom

*Call Dad

*Pick out books at the School library

So that’s my list for today. I’m hoping to get most of it done today. I’m not always the best at getting everything on my list accomplished so wish me luck:)

Taking a picture of my bed this morning also made me think about things I want for Christmas. There’s a lot of things I want, but I know I won’t get even half of them.

#1- A new bedspread, or a new cover for our down blanket. Our old cover has gone through much and is ready to be chucked…

It is ripping really bad on one side. We rotate the blanket because all of the filling goes down to the bottom so right now the ripped part is on my side of the bed. Sometimes I’ll wake up in the night and my arm will be all wrapped up in it!! That’s not good, or safe, so we really need a new cover. I feel like our room is really boring so I was looking at bed spreads and I found this one (through a friends, sisters blog) that I really liked, but my hubs didn’t like it at all:P I am ok with that now though because it’s not like we can really afford that. So now I’m in the market for a new cover. I wonder if anyone makes a decorative one?

#2- A headboard. Mark and I have never had a headboard before. We’re very plain people. We can live without a lot of stuff, but at the same time we can’t. If a movie that we like comes out we HAVE to have it. Our room though is so boring. We only sleep there so why put a bunch of money into it? Well, my opinion of that has changed recently. I want a nice bedroom set. Mainly right now I want a headboard because we came up with an awesome idea for family pictures. This hopefully will be an early Christmas present? hehe

#3- A Silhouette Cameo. I’ve started reading a lot of crafty blogs and they all have mentioned this wonderful tool. I want one! NOW! So I can do some cool crafty things too:) BUT it’s quite a pretty penny. So it will have to wait and be saved for, just like a ton of other things.

I know I need to come up with more realistic Christmas gifts. But these are what they are right now. lol What are your Christmas wishes?

3 thoughts on “Make Your Bed Monday

  1. Wow, Megs! I didn’t know you started a different blog! Look at you!! I adore that bedspread; sad that Mark doesn’t like it. They have really pretty, graphic duvet covers at Ikea that are pretty inexpensive; I just wish we had an Ikea nearby. 🙂

  2. You can DIY a headboard really easily…I used an old door and some simple trim to make the one I have now…you can see it on my FB page in the pictures of our home. (I also made the sidetables) The one I had before that was very simple…a board cut to the size I wanted the headboard to be, covered in foam, then covered in a microfiber fabric I used a 50% off coupon for at jo-ann’s…the total cost was under $50…since you’re so into the whole DIY thing lately, give a headboard a try.

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