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Playroom Organization

I didn’t plan on today being a fix up day, but that’s what I ended up doing this morning, right before lunch and then continuing after lunch until about 2:30. I’ve been wanting to reorganize the playroom. I went to Target and the Dollar Tree and bought a bunch of new containers to hold toys and what not. I also went to JoAnn’s a couple days ago and found that they are having a HUGE sale on their whole store!!! I went in to look at shadow boxes and came out with over $200 worth of merchandise and I only paid $53!! I got a ton of new storage solutions and I finally found a bin that I could store dress up clothes in that I really like! I think I might go back and get another because all of their baskets were 50% off!!

So here are the before pictures of the playroom:

This is when the room wasn’t picked up. I thought it made for even better before pictures:)

I took those pictures a few weeks ago.

This is a in-the-middle-of-moving-everything-around shot.

I have been collecting containers and bins and baskets the last couple weeks, trying to find the right ones. I think I finally did. Most of them are from the Dollar Tree. And I LOVE them! Here’s the NEW room:

I am in love with this basket!! This is exactly what I have been wanting for the kids’ dress up clothes, but they’re always SO expensive. Well, since JoAnn’s was having a 50% off sale on baskets this one was only $10!! WOOHOO! I think I’ll go and get another one tomorrow because this one is full and I’m sure we’ll keep getting more costumes to use:)

Now, this is the closet, which is the next part of this room I need to pay attention to, but since it’s behind closed doors, usually, I’m not in much of a hurry. We’ll see how long it takes:)

Well, I hope you enjoyed seeing the changes as much as I had fun doing it. My 5 year old, Brynnan, keeps walking into the room and saying, “Mom, this is our new room.” I think that means he really likes it:) And that makes me glad that someone appreciates my hard work, besides me!

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2 thoughts on “Playroom Organization

    1. It’s a hard time having toys everywhere! Can’t wait until they’re too old to have them, but a part of me Lao doesn’t look forward to that time either. LOL

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