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Rule of Thirds

My friend, Kar, asked what the Rule of Thirds was. I guess I should’ve explained in that post originally. I’m a photography major so of course I know what it is! I just feel like it’s something that everyone should no anyway. lol So, here is a late explanation.

Think of your picture as a grid:

You’ve cut it into thirds, now you want your subject to be in one of the thirds of the grid:

Depending on your subject and what you are taking the picture for will depend on where you place the subject. Using this method of photography makes a picture a lot more interesting. Which one of these picture do you like better:


Do you see what I mean? The rule of thirds picture is a lot more interesting. It takes the most important part of the picture and emphasizes it by cropping out the stuff that doesn’t matter.

Does this make sense? I’m not very good at explaining technical jargon, I usually leave that to Mark who is good at that. If you’re still not sure what I mean go HERE to read about it on Wikipedia.

I LOVE using the rule of thirds. It’s not right for every situation, but there are a lot of good times to use it. Try it! I promise you will love it as much as I do!:)

3 thoughts on “Rule of Thirds

  1. I’m glad you explained, because I thought it was just taking a picture of the third something and you chose your third child!!

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