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Theme Colors

You know I’ve been working on organizing my craft room this week. It has gone a LOT slower than I had anticipated!! The new desk I bought for scrapbooking got moved down on Thursday night finally and the sewing table hasn’t been moved in yet. There are still toys everywhere and I need to go through them and decide which ones to get rid of. Ugh! I hate doing that!

Anyway, I’ve been trying to figure out the colors I want to use in my craft room for a while now. I finally settled on purple and grey. I picked out the paint to put on the walls, but after the bathroom I needed a break. Not sure if I’ll ever paint it now! LOL

I was on one of my favorite fabric websites, Girl Charlie Fabrics, and I saw this really cute polka dot print that I just had to have!! I just got it yesterday and I can’t wait to use it in my craft room! I’m going to make some decorations and things with it. I really love the dark purple and blues with the grey!!


I’m going to incorporate the blues into my color scheme for my room now and I’m excited about it! I hope I get around to painting the whole room, but moving everything out of the room will be such a pain! I think I might just decorate with these colors. I’ve found some cute ideas on pinterest lately that would be fun projects. I’ll keep you updated!


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