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Whatcha Craftin’ ~ Spring Raincoat


Can you believe Spring is already here? This past week has been soooooo NICE!! I LOVE having 50 degree weather in April!! Although there have been a couple GLUM days this month, so far, it’s better than I thought April would be! 🙂

I have something very fun for today! You all know that I LOVE sewing and I have my 30 sewing projects before I turn 30 that I’m trying to complete in the next week and a half. I’m getting down to the wire here! I kind of felt like a little kid waiting for Christmas for a long time on this little challenge of mine. It seemed like my birthday would never come, but, alas it’s almost here and I still have a couple more projects to complete!

Today I’m going to share a raincoat I made for my 6 year old about a month ago. I am so IN LOVE with it!! But, it wasn’t the easiest thing to make! In fact, if my other 2 kids really want one, I will probably just go out and BUY them one. That’s how hard and frustrating this pattern was! I don’t really think it was the designers fault either, I think it was mainly the laminate cotton fabric I used. It was SO HARD to work with! I threw my hands up and walked away more than three times! It took me 3 days and MANY hours to complete, but I got it done and I’m VERY proud of the way it turned out!!

And Brynnan LOVES it!!





I think this is my favorite picture of him in it, but it also makes me cringe when I look at it. Not because of my cute little boy, but because of what happened AFTER I took this picture! ….

Long story short… I always take about 50 pictures of one pose, especially of my kids, to make sure I get ONE that is just PERFECT. Well, in the process of taking those 50 pictures Brynnan was moving around a lot. At one point his legs were in the position they are in the above picture, but the rest of his body was falling over to the left of the picture. WELLLLLL, there was a nail sticking out at an odd angle, Brynnan’s coat got caught on it and resulted in two small rips in the back of the coat!! AAAHHHH!! It wasn’t his fault, I’m not mad at him, but it happened. I should’ve known better than to have him actually LEAN against the old wood fence! 😛 I still have yet to patch it up. I’m very tempted to just buy some white duck tape and draw some black dots on it so I don’t have to sew it up! LOL


The red circles are where the 2 rips are. You can barely see them in the picture. Sorry!! I promise they are really there!

Here are a few pictures of the inside.



I just LOVE the fabric I picked out! The Jo-Ann’s in Idaho Falls doesn’t have a huge selection of laminated cotton so the dots was as good as I was going to find, but the inside fabric I could pretty much choose whatever I wanted. I thought the blue and green would look cute with the white and black. It was knit, so of course it would be soft and cozy, which is what I wanted for the inside of the rain coat.


The lining fabric on the inside stops quite a ways before the end of the sleeve. I like that because then hopefully the lining won’t get so wet.

I’m happy with the results, but VERY glad to be done with it! Maybe I’ll try making another one in a couple more years. Once I get more sewing experience under my belt!

Thanks for stopping by! I hope you’re having a Wonderful Wednesday!!

13 thoughts on “Whatcha Craftin’ ~ Spring Raincoat

  1. I would really like to learn how to sew and make pretty and useful things like this! Maybe when I get my house and can be more comfortable I will get the inspiration to do it!

    Thanks for sharing!

  2. Megan, this is darling. I wish you’d have a sew-along tutorial for newbies. All I can sew is straight lines and basic things, like place mats and pillows. I need some help! I wish I could make the kiddos things!

    1. Thanks Emily!! That is a good idea to have a sew along! I’m still learning myself, but I can teach you what I know!! Thanks for the idea!

  3. Meggy, you are so talented. Thank you again for linking up with us again such a beautiful item! You are indeed amazing. BTW we have a contest that just opened yesterday, for a STUNNING necklace. Come check it out, ~ Rose

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